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What are your hours and where are you located

Hours - Open from 9am to 10pm Everyday to take your calls!   407-928-2377 .  During Summer we are open until Midnight. SUMMER HOURS (Memorial Day to Labor Day) 9AM - MIDNIGHT  We ship World Wide.

We are not distributors nor a store! We are a US company, founded in 1982, and manufacture and design everything here in our own design studio and factory, located here in the USA in Orlando, FL . 1 mile from Disney.

All garments are individually made in our own factory and we are proudly made in the USA.   We do not have a store although we used to sell to 1900 stores.  The internet now means we can sell at the best prices and not travel to trade shows.  If you visit one of the parks in Orlando you may come to see us.  Please call as we take by appointment only.

You can place your order by placing it on the internet yourself, calling us or clicking the LIVE HELP button located on the lower, right hand corner of every page. 

DURING THE SUMMER, WE HAVE SPECIAL FIELD DAYS WITH THE KIDS, SO, MANY TIMES YOU WILL HEAR AN OCEAN, A WATERPARK OR A MUSEUM IN THE BACKGROUND!  That is because our company has a liberal policy geared to helping us to be with our children whenever possible. Because of the wonder of telecommunications, we sometimes forward the phone to our cell phones and you may be calling us while we are at a Waterpark or Disney. Not to worry, we are there to help answer your questions. We believe you can have a career and kids too!   Summer hours are extended until Midnight to compensate for such field trips.


How long will my order take

NORMAL DELIVERY is typically 4-5 weeks plus transit time without occurring a rush charge; most customers prefer to order three months in advance.  We suggest that you order early so you can receive and inspect your order, or case you need to match shoes or just want to feel comfortable that everything is done in time!  Do not be worried about your child growing. We have been sizing children for over 40 years and have a sophisticated growth chart based on our experience.  If you order well in advance (and you get a discount for doing so), we will often give you a remeasure date.  Read more about sizing on the left.

At certain times of the year, production slots get filled early.  Remember, prices can change so the sooner an order is in, the better the pricing.

Special Communion Information: We will prevent girls from having the same dress as another at her communion.  If you want to get the exclusive, you need to register with us and place your order to get to order your favorite style. You may do that up to one year in advance.  Sizing guarantee applies and your dress will be shipped beginning in March unless you wish another delivery date.

To prevent a backup and help keep better control over our schedule, we  simply put you in our REMEASURE PROGRAM which means 8-10 weeks before your wedding, you send your complete set of measurements and 3-4 weeks later you will receive your order.....compete with our famous Sizing Guarantee.


Need a Flower Girl Dress in a Rush?


What if I need a Rush Order in a few days or a few weeks?   Rush flower girl dresses are available.  The lucky thing, we own our own factory and are able - when timing permits - to slip in another order without interfering with other orders on the weekends.  SHIPPING IS ADDITIONAL.  Rush orders may not be cancelled under any circumstances as our company has to jump through hoops to get this done for you in time.  Further information may be found in your confirmation letter and on our Guarantee page.

Rush charges - ARRIVE in 2 days to 2 weeks $50 or ARRIVE in 3-4 weeks $25 (fabric in stock permitting)

Look, things happen before a special event - you procrastinated, someone did not get you what they promised, or you couldn't find something before, or were asked at the last minute. We can help you get something in a hurry and have been know to jump through hoops and sometimes are called only a few days in advance of an event.  We will let you know immediately if we can accommodate your special problem - no matter what the reason you don't have your dress.


I'm ready to order, now what?

To facilitate placing an order, we suggest that you first see what size (s) you will need by going to the sizing page. Then, feel free to go to our thumbnails page and chose the style you like. 

There is an area in our website called THE PEGEEN DRESS DREAMER. Here, you can build you own custom flower girl dress and see different colors and how they would look.

We take all major credit cards

Be sure to fill in all the areas on the order page including Message or Comments which allows you to put any special things in there we need to know.


I love the outfit but how do I tell what colors it comes in?

Just about every dress we do comes in your choice of 260+ colors... and any "area" can be done in any color. 

You can provide your own fabric but with limitations so call us with that question. We also have access to 500 colors and only charge a small amount for each outfit to match fabrics (we call this COLOR MATCHING).

 A great place to see real colors is to go to the section marked WHAT OTHERS HAVE DONE found under the REAL WEDDINGS & TESTIMONIALS menu.


How about more than one color?

I want my dress to have 3 colors?  How much will this cost me to do? 

Great news - virtually every dress can come in any color combination you want and the price is the same!

Pegeen is truly "THE Custom Flower Girl Dress Company"

And, if you want to use your fabric we do not charge any less, but the fabric has to be approved by us first. Call for detail on this.

These dresses are not returnable.


I need a special color! Can I use my own fabric?

WE do have a list of other manufacturers in the office and are able to match many colors.  Either call or chat with us on special colors, or we are happy to match silk colors for your order if you send us a swatch.

One last suggestion for you can be to allow us to make the cummerbund only - like in style 320 or 335 - when the material is a satin or has a right side and a wrong side.  Again, please call us with these questions.

In the example below, our customer sent us fabric and we made the outfit in our silk with her material for the sash. You can see however that we think the fabric hangs a little "heavy" and this is also why we do not like using satin for our dresses. 


Can I get extra length?

Extra Length

Almost every dress we have is a ballet length - never shorter - and for us, Ballet Length is about 4 inches off the floor or above the ankle approximately 2-3".  Dresses with organza or tulle will be about 1" longer.

If you need to order length, there is an additional charge of $30. We also request that when ordering online, you put that special information under special instructions. There is a pull-down menu on your style page where you can order this - the option is marked OTHER OPTIONS.  These can not be exchanged for sizing exchanges.


Sizing Questions? Hard to fit child?

This is the easy part. If you go to the sizing page, you will see an illustration showing you exactly how to measure the child (s. By providing measurements we can get a size for the child which will be closest to the sizing he/she needs at the time of the event. However, all kids are different; especially height and you may still need to get alterations done. Boy's pants may need to be shortened as jacket sleeve length.

Hard to fit Child?
We can put an 8 top on a 6 bottom, for example. SPECIAL FIT is only $20 more. If you order online by yourself, you will want to choose a size 6 dress for instance, and below that, you will see there is a special sizing pull down menu for the bodice and there you can pull down the bodice to be size 8. The basket will automatically be updated for that dress. 

You will then provide these measurements to us in the MESSAGE section in your cart when you check out.  If we do special fit for your child it USUALLY eliminates the need to get additional alterations done once you receive in the outfits. Since we are working with standard patterns, you may find you need to still have some further adjustments to do with a seamstress for personal preference.

"My Gawd Marg! It fits!! I pulled it out of the box and it was PERFECT."

If your girl has a chest size larger than a 33 1/2" chest we do require that you do order a BODICE FIT which is $35. What that means is that you will receive a fabric "bodice" in the mail made of a muslin material. It will be made with the measurements that you provide to us but is our way of ensuring a perfect fit. After your bodice is received you send us an email back to say the fit was great OR will be sending us digital pictures to show us what changes have to be made. The $35 charge includes the cost of the extra handling and is a one time fee. After we get the OK, we proceed making the dress. There will be no need to send the muslin bodice back if the fit is good.


Do you have Plus size flower girl dresses?

Plus Size dresses are available for chest sizes over 34" and they go up to a 41 1/2" chest.   The charge is $35 and covers all the adjustments that we need to make. You can choose these options by choosing, as you go to order, the pulldown menu for SPECIAL SIZING. We need the height, chest, waist and hips when you go to check out.


Put this information on the checkout page where you have to put your Address in the SPECIAL MESSAGE OR COMMENTS section.

When ordering multiple dresses, please put in your comments something like "this is the measurements for the size 8 special fit".

Special Fit dresses are not returnable or exchangable.

We also do a SPECIAL FIT is for girls who are just too hard to fit - sometimes they are very thin and others are stocky. The charge is $20. If the chest size is bigger than 34" the charge is $45 and you will get a bodice to try on in the mail. Questions? Feel free to call us!


I want to change the sleeve? or I need to order a high neck and long sleeves?

Can I make a sleeve change?  I need long sleeve flower girl dresses for the holidays. My Junior bridesmaid needs long sleeves. 

All dresses come with a standard SHORT sleeve or sleeveless tank at no additional charge.

Long sleeve dresses for flower girls, junior bridesmaids and holiday girls dresses are available, just ask customer service !

I want a short sleeve but the dress is shown as a sleeveless dress! or I want a sleeveless dress but the dress is shown with a short sleeve!

Just about all of the styles can have a short, capped sleeve added or subtracted at no extra charge. Look on each individual style page for the sleeve options.

3/4 sleeves are also available at an extra charge and includes higher necklines for religious purposes. (Higher neckline & 3/4 sleeves) prices can be seen in your options when you go to a style.  Prices can change. Many brides, usually for religious reasons, need higher necks and long sleeves. Our charge for this is nominal . These dresses are not returnable.

Do you ship Internationally? Do you ship to Canada?

Do you ship to Canada or the UK or Worldwide?  How much is international shipping?

The answer is yes. Freight does vary however when possible we send via the US POST OFFICE  because it is the cheapest and will run about $50 dollars (US) however expeditied freight can cost upwards of $65 to almost $90 US. 

When ordering more than one dress, the cost will go slightly higher.

Please allow an extra 3 weeks for customs and logistics of clearing customs. 

TERMS: We do not allow ANY returns on shipments out of the US. 

Measure accurately.


I am in the military. Do you offer military discounts?

Do you discount for the Military?

Pegeen offers FREE SHIPPING for military when shipping to APO or FPO addresses only. The discount will be applied manually by someone in our staff once we see the APO or FPO address.

You may CLICK TO CHAT or call to get the code as well.

Please call 407-928-2377


WHAT IF MY CHILD GROWS? If I order in advance how do you handle the growth spurts?


I know my child will grow and how do I guess the size?

Let us take the guess work out of sizing your child.  We are so good at it, we guarantee it!

Do not worry about sizing issues. We will have you send measurements to us 8 weeks in advance of your wedding. We call this a REMEASURE. Make accurate measurements and do not allow for growth, we will. 2-3 weeks later you will recieve your order. Smooth as clockwork.

Our remeasure program helps us.  We keep our production schedule running smoothly by controlling our production in this manner.

SIZING GUARANTEE: You must provide measurements to us when you place the order. DO NOT EXAGERATE THE MEASUREMENTS AND MAKE THEM ACCURATE. WE WILL DO THE CALCUATIONS FOR GROWTH - WE ARE VERY GOOD AT IT! You can do this when ordering on the page where you put your shipping information in the SPECIAL MESSAGE box. If you have any problems with sizing you can exchange to dress for just the charge of the shipping. If, after receiving your measurements, we decide we need to make it in a particular size or perhaps you need a Special Fit and you decide on not going with our decision then that order is not allowed to be exchanged for size or returned for any other reason. Our fit is pretty fantastic and as long as you use our chart you should have no problem. Sizing exchanges are allowed however so long as we have enough time to make the change.


Can I call you with my order?

Oh you betcha! Feel free to call in your order if you want as well - either way on the computer by yourself, Clicking LIVE HELP or the phone is fine with us!


What is your return policy?

What is your return policy?

If you are unhappy with the quality of our product with a legitimate complaint, just return the product within 5 days of receipt of goods and we will either fix the problem or replace the dress. No Hassles.

 If you have to cancel your order you must do within the same day for a full credit until 10PM EST. Cancellations up to 3 days, which includes the date of your order,  are allowed but at a charge of $50 per dress and as long as we have not started your order.

Since our work is all made to order no cancellations are allowed after the 3rd day. To figure out what your allowable dates are please read our Guarantee page for more detailed information.

We are proud of our record of thrilled customers.  Just check out our  RAVES And GALLERY page.

Hurricane season delays can & do happen which can cause a delay in your expected ship date. Please order early if your wedding is in hurricane season. We do not pay for upgrades in shipments due to hurricanes or homeland security issues. We DO NOT allow cancellations for Acts of God, Security Reasons or Cold Feet.

Purchasing from us is a contract. Sales are made to order so check your invoice carefully as we are not responsible for mistakes in your invoice. Please take your purchase and future seriously. We like to feed our families. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us - you will find we are delightful to work with.

Again, we sincerely thank you for your patronage.




Questions have recently come to us about flower girl dressing and what this means to your wedding party.  So, I have added a small section that will take care of the Flower Girl Dresses - Question of the Week:

We are wanting to have my husband's daughter in the wedding as a flower girl but I think that she should stand out a bit.  My question is pretty simple: "Is it okay if my flower girl dresses in all white (ivory) like me?" This is a tough one for me to answer fairly.  I am a bit of a princess.  When it was my wedding, I felt it was MY DAY MY WAY and in no way or form would anyone upstage me. Face it, Art Linkletter would be the first to have admitted (ok, I am showing my age) that kids, especially cute little girls, upstaged each and every one of his best loved show which my family all huddled around our small Television Set and would watch each week, called Kids Say the Darndest Things/

Well, kids do the dardest things and upstaging you in a dress that looks like yours is just one way those little darlings can take the focus off  you, the bride.  On the other hand, your fiance's daughter is very worthy, according to him, of the upstage SO I would do it this way:  If at all possible, don't have her wear the same color as you as her main color - in other words, even if she is a flower girl or a jr. bridesmaid, see if yours and her dress could be opposite of one another.  I am also NOT fond of minature brides dresses.  Yep, if its your daughter she may think its really cool and special but its not exactly her wedding now is it?  Let their be similarities in the dress used but not a copy of your dress.  If you have organza in your dress, then let your flower girl dress have some organza, or aloncon lace flower girl dress or accented with crystals.

"What is the perfect age for a flower girl? How old is a flower girl? How old is a junior bridesmaid?  There really isn't a perfect age - just a perfect child who means so much to you that you want to participate in your wedding! I have had customers who have had a 6 month old child in the wedding party - dressed in their strollers (yes some florists will decorate them) and in wagons.  My best answer is to say that a flower girl is the younger child and once the child is more mature or if you have more than one child and there seems to be a break in the age of the girls,  or if they are older or pre-puberty that is considered more a junior bridesmaid.  However I have had 10 & 11 year olds who want to be in full flower girl dresses with lots of swirl factor - - -  in other words, a dress that has layers and layers of tulle or organza or big bows.  We make all of our dresses to plus size so I really think it comes down to the feelings of the girl (s) themselves.   Ask their opinion - share the website with them.  They have to be ecstatic in the choice or you will see the puss on their face in every picture!  Have I answered your question? No!  Because I think that this is a decision left to you!!!  Please remember, some bridal stores will say between 4 and 7  - -  why is this?  Well, duh, most flower girl dress companies will only offer dresses in sizes 4 to 7.  So please, look around our website.  We can accommodate the size you want - not dictated to limitations of sizing."

A word about floor length dresses:

"So many times, I am asked whether the flower girl dresses we make can go to the floor, but let me ask you: Do you want to pay extra money to have it appear as if you borrowed a dress?  Children, even pre-teenagers, we would all like to think are still children.  Let the Junior in High School preparing for her prom wear a floor length  dress.  Your flower girl is still a child, filled with wonderment of the things going on at a wedding and subject to the awkwardness of youth.  The next thing, before you know it, she will trip as she is not used to the clothes, the shoes not to mention dancing in a full length dress or going up stairs."

Dresses in more colors than just white or ivory....

"Colors are important from a seasonal standpoint, so pay attention to the setting of the ceremony, what flowers are in season and the colors you choose for the bridesmaids.  Pegeen is known for the alternative to white or ivory dresses.  We love COLOR!  Each day, as we prepare the daily shipments I am excited about the colors that are chosen and look forward to seeing pictures from our clients once they get the dresses on.  Brides are thinking of combinations of colors that as a designer, I can almost imagine their flowers, the setting of their theme and even get some insight into some interiors I will be flipping to in the pages of magazines in the very near future.  For instance, Tiffany Blue and Chocolate are seen on elegant place settings and featured as lovely cakes.  Our brides are picking various shades of Aqua, Adriatic Sea, and soft Mint colors.  One of the most popular colors for are chocolate brown flower girl dresses but brides are complimenting them with cranberry, burgundy, tangerine, green, pink, and of course all the aqua’s and bermuda’s, especially tiffany blue.  We have seen some wonderful combinations of flower girl dresses and feature some of our latest on our WHAT OTHERS HAVE DONE link under the CUSTOMIZE menu.

Moreover, recently I have become excited to see the emergence of lemon-green (Citrus) and seeing our brides accent them with (our color names) Fire, Chocolate, Coffee and Gold for a Louis XIV court feel."

"Metallic’s are also becoming important, but in a subtle sense.  Shades of gold and silver, copper and bronze are important.  Some of our brides have chosen a very deep brown, called COFFEE and mixed it with our Mountain Fall and others that show a richness yet refined and not gaudy."

"We continue to make great combinations of colors like Bubble Gum and  Jewel and bright Tangerine but now brides are mixing them with Chocolate, Aqualine and Powder Blue for some colors that really explode.  Cranberry and Pumpkin continued to be popular for the fall.  Tiffany blue continues to be very strong as well and we had our silk made exclusively for us in India by sending over the box!"

We don't sell to stores anymore to keep our pricing low....

"We sell directly to the consumer without the markup that a retail store would have. Our dresses are made here in Florida and we control our costs to keep the price at the lowest possible."

How can I accent my wedding colors?

"Look at your overall party when you are choosing your colors.  Close your eyes and imagine what the photo will look like.  Chose only the few colors you want to highlight in the wedding party and try to make it as uniform as you can with the base or main color.  Accent with a color that will pop and you have a unique look.  It's refreshing too for your guests to see all these beautiful colors chosen.  And, more recently, I see more grooms getting into the color choices used.  Listen to them, they have great ideas too. "

Something to think about:

"A wedding is a wonderful opportunity to have a portrait made for the children in the wedding and their family.  Here, you have the full attention of a hired photographer and some time to set up a great family portrait for yourself and your family.  Use this time to think about coordinating the parents outfit to the children. It's a great opportunity to take a beautiful family portrait. "


About Silk

We use 100% Natural Silk Dupioni and Silk Shantung in all our Silk Garments. Sadly, there are many Chinese sites online (you can't quite tell because they have a US Phone number, but they are despicable who rip off US Manufacturers, such as ourselves, stealing our photography and passing them off as theirs, selling a counterfeit of miss-matched colors and crappy polyester and nylon.   Even more sadly, some American online stores claim worse untruths.  Here's one of our favorite "lies" posted on an online store:      "SHANTUNG SILK Shantung can be created from a weave of silk or synthetic fibers. Even when made from synthetic fibers, shantung is a spectacular fabric. It has the look of silk but is a much less expensive option."  WOW. What a line of.... well you know.  When you see museum pieces, do you see them in silk or polyester. Um, negative on the polyester.

Silk is a natural protein fiber, some forms of which can be woven into textiles. Since it is a natural fibre, it may contain irregularities such as bumps and lines.

The silk fibers come from the cocoon and are gathered before the moth hatches. These larger size farmed worms produce larger cocoons that can result in thread filaments up to a mile long. The raw silk is then processed into natural silk fibers.

Silk, like wool or hair is a natural protein fiber. Being a natural fiber, silks have irregularities or slubs, uneven weaves and variations in the weaving.

These slubs are part of the beauty of the natural silk fabric.  Silk has the luster, texture and sensual appeal unmatched by any other fiber.  It can be ironed on high, may not be washed and when dry cleaning, it must be dry cleaned in a non-wet method.  Most dry cleaners will know how to properly dry clean.  DRIVE BY dry cleaners (those who have a dry cleaning plant pick up garments and drop them by a store front) do not.  We are not responsible for dry cleaning. We do not reimburse or take responsibility for outside alterations.   

The appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fibre, which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles, thus producing different colors. Thus, we do not allow returns in our silk dresses or suits.  The shimmering appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fibre, which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles, thus producing different colors. It is luxurious, it breathes, it's great for children's clothing, it's not scratchy (as one of the biggest lies we have see printed yet), it has beautiful hand and works extremely well in children's clothing. If you are at a wedding and they get a small spot on the dress, take a small piece of fabric or hand towel and dampen slightly (like mom, this is when you use saliva if you must) and wipe from the center of the spot to the edges till it is dry.  Get a spot on polyester at the wedding, you are looking at stains the rest of the day.  Another great thing about silk is that it irons, on high beautifully, time and time again.  My niece wore a silk dress 30+ years ago for my wedding,,,, fast forward to now - her flower girl dress is beautiful to be worn in her wedding!

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