1. Wedding & Flower Girl Dress of the Year

    14 years ago, we announced our first "Flower Girl Dress of the Year". It was the beginning of the gigital camera age, when customers began sending us flash drives (not even photographers really had the website facility like they do now.)

    A number of years ago, as cameras became better, we started to receive images from our customers photographers from their weddings. Instead of a few dozen a year, it became thousands and it becames quite obvious that we had to show these weddings off. In 2008, our first and favorite wedding was name what would become the first in a series of dresses called, Flower Girl Dress and Wedding of the Year. We keep in touch with our brides and become friends on Facebook. I long admired this lovely Tiffany blue and ivory color scheme that our bride decided on. A lover of Tiffany blue like me, she sent us her images from The Light Photography and we were blown away by the wedding's ambiance. Today we found our that our customer is expecting her forth bundle

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  2. Add SEQUIN bling for your flower girl dresses

    Sequins can now be added to any flower girl dress

    After many, many requests we finally decided to add an easier way for you to order sequins to be added to any flower girl dress. In addition we added more colors to the silver, gold and rose gold that was originally available. These are just a couple of styles that we make that come with sequins added to them and included in the price like the Junior Dress below (available in sizes 6R to Plus Sizes and our new Junior Line of sizes 0,2,4,6 and 8.

    ABOVE Junior's flower girl dress Pegeen Style 933


    Sequin and tulle junior's flower girl dresses

    The Black and silver jr. bridesmaids

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  3. Looking for the perfect Jr Bridesmaid's dress

    Here are five different brides choices on the same style

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    Pegeen Couture Style 424 Custom Silk Junior Bridesmaids Dress with low back, spaghetti straps and two large Noelle Roses and a petticoat. You can choose any of the 200+ silk colors and from several of our different handmade, hand rolled silk dresses. The dress is also available in 200+ Mix and Match Color choices and mother of pearl button closure. Dress has a full gathered skirt. This dress is best as a floor length dress and you should include a “belly button to finished” custom length at checkout. Other options available such as sash changes or flowers at a slightly higher price. See options below. Available from 6R through Size 16, no Plus Sizes, attached crinoline/petticoat and lined with silk.

    This customer (Below) chose sty

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  4. Style 326 flower girl dress in lime, purple and creme

    Our featured flower girl dress is Style 326 in Bisque, Citrus, Royal Purple, and a Royal Purple Rose.  The babies . We were really happy with the outcome.

    PEGEEN CLASSIC STYLE 802 These little toddler flower girl dresses were worn by two wee ones and they arrived down the aisle in a wheel barrow. What a perfect way to bring the little ones down the walk way. Besides delighting the guests, it is a perfect way to cure "stage fright" for little ones when this can be a bit overwhelming.

    <>Another idea is to purchase a customized walker, then let the infant push it down the aisle. A baby walker can be exactly the thing to help your ring bearer walk down the aisle if he needs a little assistance standing but has enough leg strength to keep his wheels in motion.

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  5. Customizing a Flower Girl Dress to Your Wedding

    How to make the little flower girl dress uniquely yours

    Custom flower girl dresses can match your bridesmaid dresses and your wedding décor more exactly than some “close, but not quite there” color from the standard palette options. The Pegeen customer has the ability choose their sleeve length including no sleeve, a short cap sleeve, a short sleeve, a long sleeve to the elbow, or below the elbow, or to the wrist. Similarly, these same types of options are available for the skirt length and many options for the type of sash and bow. No other company offers such a wide array of customization. After all, there is a certain kind of familiar feeling and special meaning attached when you know you are with the designer every step of the way, putting the dress together “your way” from scratch. That is the benefit of having a wonderful amalgamation of design expertise and creative energy. To make sure your custom flower g

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  6. Style 402 Flower Girl Dress with a Signature Bustle

    Pegeen Signature Bustle created for this special wedding

    Our flower girl dress with multiple layers of tulle with a bisque Pegeen Signature Bustle is one of our most favorite flower girl dresses that we make.

    When Pegeen works with a customer for their flower girl dresses for the wedding party, we make sure we ask about the time of year, time of day and importantly the colors a customer is thinking for their wedding. Take into account your wedding's theme, the dress code, the season, and the venue while deciding on the ideal hue for your flower girl's attire.

    Why is color so important? 
    The hue you choose may depend on all of these elements. A traditional white flower girl dress is a lovely option for a more traditional wedding. BUT with Pegeen.com you can choose from any of our 200 colors of silk to match any theme! If your wedding is out of the ordinary, think about wearing a dress that reflects your personalities as a couple. You can choose a flower

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  7. The Best Colors for your flower girl dress

    Trouble deciding on a color for your flower girl dress

    Are you like me?  Have your wedding date coming up really soon and just don't know what to do?  We heard from our customers, old and new who are planning their weddings, some more quickly than per usual.  Sometimes our customers were in full blown panic about what to do with their wedding only or a couple of months away.  Many of them want to know what to have their little flower girls to wear.  What wedding date are people choosing right now?  Well, September has become a favorite month and so has, surprisingly, January. Even with it's iffier weather, January is becoming a less expensive month for weddings and for 2023, when weddings are hard to book, has more openings.  For sumer weddings, we suggest you have the girls wear sleeveless and if possible a light color, especially if the wedding is outdoors.

    Reports for weddings just in the US are predicted to be up almost a half a million

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  8. So nice to be able to hug the Disney Characters again

    A princess dress for your Disney hugs

    A customer of ours, with I think one of the best IG "mommy" blogs for those living in Orlando, sent us these photos of her daughter wearing our Teacups "Wonderland" dress from the Everyday Collection. The print was designed by one of our staff artists and comes in all the pale colors of the Mad Hatter Tea Cup ride in Magic Kingdom's park at Walt Disney World. Not the point of this post though - because we are so happy to see the characters back in the park freely hugging the kids again! Since we are excited to see these hugs and Character Dining again, we wanted to make this post right away!

    If you are local or visiting Disney, or shop online, see our full collection of Princess Dresses and if you are shopping for flower girl dresses, we are happy to work with you on the phone or in person.  Pegeen Ships Worldwide!

    Join the Mad Hatter for a Tea Cup Spin! Slip over head top with a ruffled tulle, unlined skirt. Shorter, knee

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  9. Try our newest Pegeen Dress Dreamer version

    Our BETA version for the dress dreamer is here.

    What if I told you that you could design your very own custom dress just like building a car on our website? And what if I added that each time you play with the Dress Dreamer, it will completely price out your garment? And choose up to 2.67 billion different combinations of colors, styles, accessories and trims? So, have you tried using our Pegeen Dress Dreamer yet?  With our latest version, we did a complete overhaul and re-imagined the way you can custom design your flower girl dress bu choosing colors, flowers, bling and more, all in 3D and still to come, price out the garment as well.  We are still working with our BETA version launched this weekend, but boy are we excited.  We know that no one in the industry has gone to such extent as Pegeen and we are proud of our accomplishment.  Surely, this is a new way to create your custom dress and as we enhance the features, we will be adding more than just 3D flowers

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  10. Flower Girl Dress Runner Up, in Coral Silk

    Possibly the best coral silk flower girl dress we ever made

    When we set about to design our bride's flower girl dresses, we were told that she loved the shade of corals and that she wanted to use a pallet from a sketch of colors which included the coral but also shades of pinks and oranges.Our bride Margie sent me these fabulous men's ties from Vineyard Vines - and we were so excited to work with these colors! For her, we created 5 different shades of the most lovely colors of coral and used multiple colors of tulle in coral rose, canyon, gumdrop, rosepink and topped with a layer of shimmer tulle in coral rose. As we were designing the dresses, we found the most delicious antique flower from Germany, we figured pre-WW2 era. When we told Margie of our find and showed a photo, she was absolutely mad for it so we set about accenting each sash with the rose we called "Noelle Rose".  Each flower girl had a different bodice color of Gumdrop, Coral Rose, Sherbet, Watermelon or Playtime. 

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  11. Things to consider when buying flower girl dresses!

    Looking for flower girl dresses ought to be fun

    —regardless of whether you are shifting through all the choices or letting your little girl decide for herself. We have over 200+ luxurious shades of silk, ideal for ideal for the most formal or casual weddings. We believe at Pegeen there is much more than the ivory and white flower girl dress and feel that it is too conventional.  Show some personality when you choose your dresses for your attendants.  That pop of color, the style you choose all comes down to what works best for you.  We are showing you just a few of some cute ideas and of course, we are here, 7 days a week to answer your questions by chat or call.

    Moving along, many things must be considered while deciding on the perfect flower girl dresses for YOUR wedding.

    Although clearly not a complete list of tips when choosing your flower girl dresses, here a

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  12. Mommy, I look like a princess

    How we set about designing your flower girl's dress

    The flower girls in a wedding bring charm and smiles to the faces of the guests. One can hear the collective, whispered  "ohhhh" as the beautiful little flower girls walk down the aisle. They are setting the stage for the bridesmaids and, most importantly, the bride. You'll want to complement your special look so find a dress that offers the most options, such as color, sleeve options, special fits, plus sizes and so forth. You don't want a "cookie cutter dress from China" that may or may not fit, and may or may not arrive in time, especially now.

    Discerning guests will be able to see the careful thought you put into the flower girl dresses  because afterall, you want to impress your guests. This is your day, you want it to be all that it can be. These memories, videos and photographs will last not only for your lifetime but for that of your flower girls and

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