1. Beaded Communion Dress Transformation Style 402

    Elegance Redefined: The Beaded Communion Dress Transformation

    Introducing a new level of elegance to our collection, we've enhanced the timeless beauty of our tulle Pegeen Couture Style 402 with Beaded, Rhinestone, Crystal, and Sequin netting. This exquisite communion dress combines traditional elements with contemporary flair, offering a truly enchanting ensemble for your special day.

    The addition of intricate beading, shimmering rhinestones, delicate crystals, and dazzling sequins elevates the dress to a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Each detail is meticulously chosen to enhance the dress's allure, creating a stunning focal point that captures attention and admiration. The charge to add the beaded embroidery was $60 to add to the bodice. She added Beaded Dew Drop Tulle to the skirt for $25

    This Beaded Communion Dress is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional quality and unparalleled beauty in every garment. Whether worn with a sense of tradition

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