How and where to buy luxury, custom flower girl dresses

Shopping for your custom flower girl dress is the most fun aspect of preparing a wedding.

So, you’re getting Married! You always wanted to have a flower girl or two and maybe a ringbearer, but you don’t know how to dress them and where to find their outfits. Should I go to the mall, a bridal store, or to the big discount department store, or go online? When it comes to selecting flower girl dresses for your wedding party, you have a lot of to think about. After all, it will be these adorable young girls who ensure that the event is adorned with flower petals and smiles. We provide a simple method for choosing the ideal attire for each flower girl in your wedding party.  

Wedding planners must place the search for flower girl dresses slightly below the priority they give to bridal gowns because of the attention the little angels receive. If you choose to work with a respected designer like, finding flower girl gowns for the girls to wear as they walk down the aisle, ahead of the bride, and subsequently for bridal portraits won't be a tough chore. It can be confusing so here, we'll explain to you where and how to order a flower girl dress.

Just as with girls, dress the boys in age-appropriate clothes as well. There are better options than putting them in a tuxedo. Everyone will be more impressed with an Eton suit with short pants or knickers. Think of John-John Kennedy saluting his father. Jackie Kennedy had exquisite taste, following her example is always a good idea.  You can get those adorable outfits at in over 200 colors of silk and match them to the flower girls and to the bridesmaids and the décor of the church and the reception. For comments or ideas, we advise you to call Pegeen at 407-928-2377 and take advantage of their 40 years of experience dressing children for formal occasions or chat with them online at They ship worldwide.

At Pegeen, we say “Anything but a white dress”

The requirement that flower girl outfits always be white is not inflexible. If you choose a flower girl dress that isn't white, it can enhance the wedding's color scheme and provide a stunning contrast with the ivory or white bride gown. Pegeen provides 260+ luscious silk colors that can be mixed and matched. Pick a color for the skirt, a different one for the bodice, and a third for the sash. By doing so, you can connect the entire wedding together by complementing or matching the bridesmaids' gowns. You can order a free swatch or two for matching - up to 10 swatches and we will mail them to you.

Select a style according to the wedding theme

When you select a flower girl dress, you should select a style that is in unison with and complements the wedding dress. The dress needs to enhance the style of the bridesmaid’s dresses and the entire wedding theme and style. You need to keep in mind that the flower girls will be walking with the bride and the bridesmaids so their dresses need to have styling options like Pegeen offers so they fit in seamlessly.

Dresses for flower girls can be sophisticated but must be age appropriate. Don’t dress a toddler in a slinky, clingy satin dress, but choose something fluffy and puffy. You don’t want children to look like miniature versions of adults. It makes them look like they are playing dress-up and people won’t take them seriously. It will reflect badly on you. We do believe that including a soon-to-be stepdaughter or adolescent in the decision-making process helps to smooth over any potential kinks and tears. Find out what your girl or girls think would be their perfect fashion, albeit this isn't ALWAYS something we advise. Trust us, we know, and we have many stories to tell, you need to steer them along to arrive at your vision and think that it’s their idea. Choose a few looks that you would be happy with and ask them to pick one. If you shop online, you can have the flower girls and their mothers look at the dresses at their convenience and not deal with crowds at the mall, traffic and parking.

So, how do you choose your dress and when should you purchase it

It is OK to buy a flower girl dress at any time if you use Pegeen. You can buy at any time thanks to Pegeen's sizing guarantee and remeasure program. You may lock in your price this way, especially in light of supply chain problems and inflation, and avoid being dissatisfied when the color you desire arrives from outside. You may order now and cross item off your "To Do List" even if your wedding or event is more than a year away. Twelve weeks before the event, Pegeen will take your measurements and create a unique dress for you. No speculating. No worries. No issue. For more than 40 years, they have been producing upscale childrenswear. Choosing Pegeen will put you in the correct position.

Who will purchase your flower girl dress?

There is no set rule here. In most cases, the flower girl's parents will buy the dress. The newlyweds will inform the parents of the flower girl's dress design and may even suggest a design studio where they may buy the dress. The dress may occasionally be purchased by the couple as a gift for the youngest family member.

To make things easy for you, we created various idea sections and invite you to try our Pegeen Dress Dreamer

We created two MAIN sections which we say are loaded with good ideas for you to start.  The first is a section that shows you, on our manequins, what others have done.  Look not to the style, but the color combinations that were created.  There are 20 pages or so of over over hundreds (on each page), small thumbnails where you can see what some dress color combinations we have done.  From there, the second section which is a bit in progress is our Pegeen Dress Dreamer.  It is evolving, and not quite ready for mobile but you can choose over 1 billion or better combinations choosing short sleeves, laces with glitter, short skirts, high low flower girl dresses, tulle combinations, different sash options and price it out at the same time as it is pricing on the fly.  Of course, under the GALLERY section there are plenty of ideas in sections featuring some of our Past Weddings of the Year and Weddings We Love, Weddings by Color and highlights of some terrific images from Bat Mitzvahs, Ballet performances, Infants, Ring Bearers and more. If you have internet access, look no further than Pegeen to purchase a custom flower girl dress. They make it very easy for you to order and to have the best flower girl dress you could ever imagine. They take every care possible to ensure that your girl will wear the best-fitting dress. They custom make each dress to your specific measurements. Call them at 407 928 2377 to discuss your ideas and they will be happy to help you. If you are able, all you need is a bit of time to chat on the phone with us and we can help. 


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