How and where to buy luxury, custom flower girl dresses

Shopping for your custom flower girl dress is the most fun aspect of preparing a wedding.

Planning your wedding is an exciting journey, especially when envisioning the charm of flower girls and a ring bearer. However, deciding on their attire can be daunting. Should you explore options at the mall, a bridal store, a discount department store, or online? The selection of flower girl dresses is a crucial aspect of your wedding party, as these adorable girls add a touch of magic with flower petals and smiles. At, we offer a straightforward method for choosing the ideal attire for each flower girl, ensuring a seamless and delightful process.

In the hierarchy of wedding planning, flower girl dresses often come slightly below bridal gowns, given the attention these little angels garner. Collaborating with a respected designer like simplifies the search for flower girl gowns. Whether they walk down the aisle, lead the bride, or pose for bridal portraits, finding the perfect dresses becomes an effortless task with our guidance. In the midst of potential confusion, we provide clarity on where and how to order flower girl dresses, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Don't forget about the boys—they deserve age-appropriate attire too. Opting for outfits like an Eton suit with short pants or knickers, rather than a tuxedo, adds a charming touch. Inspired by iconic figures like John-John Kennedy saluting his father, consider the timeless elegance of Jackie Kennedy's taste. offers these adorable outfits in over 260 colors of silk, allowing seamless coordination with flower girls, bridesmaids, and the overall wedding décor. For comments or ideas, reach out to Pegeen at 407-928-2377, leveraging over 40 years of experience in dressing children for formal occasions. Alternatively, chat with them online at—they ship worldwide, ensuring a global touch to your wedding ensemble.


At Pegeen, we say “Anything but a white dress”

The tradition of having flower girl outfits solely in white is not cast in stone. In fact, embracing color for the flower girl dress can add a unique touch to your wedding. If you opt for a dress in a color other than white, it presents an opportunity to enhance the overall color scheme and create a striking contrast with the ivory or white bridal gown. Pegeen, with its extensive palette of 260+ luscious silk colors, allows you the freedom to explore beyond the conventional. Imagine selecting distinct colors for the skirt, bodice, and sash, creating a vibrant ensemble that harmonizes with the wedding theme.

The versatility of Pegeen's silk colors provides a chance to connect various elements of your wedding seamlessly. You can opt for colors that complement or match the bridesmaids' gowns, bringing a cohesive and visually appealing look to the entire bridal party. To make the decision-making process easier, Pegeen offers the option to order free swatches—up to 10 swatches—that will be promptly mailed to you. This allows you to physically see and feel the colors, ensuring a perfect match with your overall wedding vision. So, break away from tradition and infuse your wedding with a burst of color that reflects your unique style and personality.

Select a style according to the wedding theme

When choosing a flower girl dress, it's crucial to consider a style that harmonizes with and complements the wedding dress. The selected dress should seamlessly enhance the overall style and theme of the wedding, blending effortlessly with the bridesmaids' dresses. Since flower girls will be walking alongside the bride and bridesmaids, opting for dresses with styling options, such as those offered by Pegeen, ensures a cohesive and polished look.

While aiming for sophistication, it's equally essential to prioritize age-appropriate attire for flower girls. Avoid dressing a toddler in a slinky, clingy satin dress; instead, opt for something fluffy and puffy. Striking the right balance prevents children from appearing as miniature versions of adults, maintaining an endearing and charming aesthetic. Involving soon-to-be stepdaughters or adolescents in the decision-making process fosters a smoother experience. Although it may not always align with their initial preferences, guiding them towards your vision while making them feel part of the decision process is key. Present a few looks you'd be content with and encourage them to choose one, ensuring a collaborative approach.

Shopping online offers the convenience of allowing flower girls and their mothers to browse dresses at their leisure, avoiding the hassle of crowds at the mall, traffic, and parking. This approach provides a stress-free and enjoyable experience, ensuring that the selected flower girl dresses align with both your vision and the comfort and preferences of the young participants.


So, how do you choose your dress and when should you purchase it

Purchasing a flower girl dress becomes a stress-free endeavor with Pegeen's unique offerings. Unlike traditional timelines, Pegeen's flexibility allows you to buy a flower girl dress at any time, offering peace of mind through their sizing guarantee and remeasure program. This distinctive approach allows you to lock in the price, a particularly valuable advantage amid supply chain challenges and inflation concerns. By doing so, you sidestep the risk of disappointment when waiting for the desired color to arrive from external sources.

Embracing Pegeen's services allows you to proactively check off an essential item from your wedding or event "To-Do List," even if the big day is more than a year away. Approximately twelve weeks before your event, Pegeen initiates a meticulous process, taking your measurements to create a bespoke dress tailored to your specifications. This eliminates any guesswork, eradicating worries about fit or style. With over 40 years of experience in crafting upscale childrenswear, Pegeen stands as a reliable choice, ensuring that you are in the right position for a seamless and delightful flower girl dress shopping experience. Trusting Pegeen means not just meeting but exceeding your expectations for quality, service, and timely delivery.

Who will purchase your flower girl dress?

The process of deciding who buys the flower girl dress lacks a rigid rule, offering flexibility based on various factors. In many instances, it's common for the flower girl's parents to take on the responsibility of purchasing the dress. Typically, the newlyweds play an active role in this decision-making process. They communicate the chosen dress design to the flower girl's parents, often providing suggestions for reputable design studios where the dress can be bought. This collaborative approach ensures that the selected dress aligns with the overall theme and style of the wedding, creating a harmonious visual aesthetic.

On occasion, the couple may decide to take a more hands-on approach by personally purchasing the flower girl dress. In this scenario, the dress serves as a thoughtful and cherished gift for the youngest member of the family, adding a sentimental touch to the wedding preparations. This choice reflects a desire by the couple to actively participate in selecting a meaningful and special garment for the flower girl, emphasizing the importance of this role in the overall celebration. Ultimately, the decision on who buys the flower girl dress is shaped by the unique dynamics and preferences of the couple, the flower girl's parents, and the desired level of involvement in this significant aspect of the wedding preparations.

To make things easy for you, we created various idea sections and invite you to try our Pegeen Dress Dreamer

We created two MAIN sections which we say are loaded with good ideas for you to start.  The first is a section that shows you, on our mannequins, what others have done.  Look not to the style, but the color combinations that were created.  There are 20 pages or so of over over hundreds (on each page), small thumbnails where you can see what some dress color combinations we have done.  From there, the second section which is a bit in progress is our Pegeen Dress Dreamer.  It is evolving, and not quite ready for mobile but you can choose over 1 billion or better combinations choosing short sleeves, laces with glitter, short skirts, high low flower girl dresses, tulle combinations, different sash options and price it out at the same time as it is pricing on the fly.  Of course, under the GALLERY section there are plenty of ideas in sections featuring some of our Past Weddings of the Year and Weddings We Love, Weddings by Color and highlights of some terrific images from Bat Mitzvahs, Ballet performances, Infants, Ring Bearers and more. If you have internet access, look no further than Pegeen to purchase a custom flower girl dress. They make it very easy for you to order and to have the best flower girl dress you could ever imagine. They take every care possible to ensure that your girl will wear the best-fitting dress. They custom make each dress to your specific measurements. Call them at 407 928 2377 to discuss your ideas and they will be happy to help you. If you are able, all you need is a bit of time to chat on the phone with us and we can help. 


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