Pegeen's Infant and Toddler Flower Girl Dresses

Is your little child under two set to be the flower girl at your wedding or that of a friend or relative?

If so, it would be prudent to work with the top children's fashion studio in the world, Pegeen. The ideal flower girl outfit for your child can be conceptualized, made, and delivered to you by Marg Hyland, head designer and founder of Pegeen Flower Girl Dress Company. Although our classic, couture and fairytale collections come in infants as well, these are our best recommendations for little one. Click an image below for details on ordering.

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Your toddler or infant is usually between the ages of one and three. They can be a handful and not quite cooperative. WE recommend that sometimes, you pull them down the aisle in a wagon - they usually get a kick out of that.

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What factors would you take into account when choosing the greatest flower girl outfit for your little child?

Let's look at a few of these ideas.

It would be prudent to let them choose their dress from a few dresses you decided on.  You might be perplexed by a 1-year-old child selecting a dress. Yes, they lack the sense, but they may still communicate whether they are attracted to the dress or comfortable in it. So, consider their emotions and base your decision on them.  Your little girl will wear the gown happily if she feels a bit comfortable in it. So, base your choice to some degree on the weather during the wedding. If the wedding is in the winter months, buy dresses that will help to keep your toddler warm, go with long sleeves or three-quarter sleeves. On the other hand, if it is during the summer months, buy something more open like a sleeveless dress. Keep her comfortable and it will go a long way to ensuring that she will be on her best behavior all day

Well, face it, the tiny tots sometimes can be the most uncooperative at weddings. So practice and a bit of making a fuss when she gets her dress makes it easier to get them in the swing of being in a wedding. When you get the order delivered to you (as in the case of us) make sure she tries on the dress, not just for fit but so that she can see herself in the dress which usually makes them delighted about their part in the ceremony. When you have them wear the dress for the event, you won't run into any issues if you do this. A young girl who adores a dress can't wait to show it off to everyone.

A toddler will look much cuter if you dress her in a dress that fluffs out rather than one that hangs close to her frame. While the latter might look good on a junior bridesmaid, for a toddler the puffy look is so much better and age appropriate. Pegeen’s dresses come with a crinoline which helps puff out the dress and give you the look that you are going for.

Take advantage of Pegeen’s guaranteed fit and early-bird discount You must have noticed how quickly your toddler grows. Even if your wedding or event is a year or more away, you can order in advance with confidence and get a discount on top of that if you order from Pegeen. You can do that because Pegeen will create your dress from your measurements and guarantee the fit. That is something not found anywhere else in the industry and contributes to the bride’s peace of mind and peace of mind is something every bride-to-be can surely use. Take advantage of Pegeen’s 40+ years of experience in sizing and dressing children. Pegeen is the ideal fashion studio accessible from anywhere, you don’t have to drive around all day fighting crowds, dealing with traffic and parking to look for a dress. You can have the best toddler flower girl dress by clicking on or calling them at 407-928-2377 to discuss your wedding.  Know more about our affordable and quality products stay social with us on: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.


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