Customizing the right dress for this important religious occasion

So your daughter's having a Bat Mitzvah, how to decide on a dress

Congratulations! When orchestrating a bat mitzvah, several key elements deserve careful consideration. These include the event's date and venue, incorporating religious or spiritual aspects into the ceremony, managing the guest list and issuing invitations, planning catering and the reception, coordinating music and entertainment, and determining suitable attire for the bat mitzvah girl and attendees. Additional activities, such as a party or trip, should also be factored in. It's imperative to be mindful of the budget and initiate planning well in advance. Open communication with the Rabbi or Cantor at the Synagogue aids in preparing the religious facets of the ceremony.

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A bat mitzvah marks the Jewish coming of age for girls around the age of 12 or 13. Translated as "daughter of the commandment" in Hebrew, it serves as the female counterpart to a bar mitzvah. During the ceremony, the bat mitzvah girl takes on active roles, leading portions of the synagogue service and reading from the Torah. Additionally, she may deliver a speech or impart teachings from the Talmud. This ceremony symbolizes her assumption of responsibilities and obligations under Jewish law, signifying her status as an adult member of the Jewish community. The ensuing celebration is typically a lively party or reception where family and friends gather to commemorate the bat mitzvah girl's accomplishments.

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In a conversation with Sara Renee Lowell from Sara Renee Events, a prominent wedding and event planner in South Florida, insights into the desires of bat mitzvah celebrants were revealed. The prevalent wish is for a striking, Instagram-worthy moment—a noteworthy backdrop for photos. Another emerging trend is the inclusion of dedicated "TIK TOK TIME," allowing the guest of honor a private moment for TikTok videos before the festivities commence. Lastly, the popularity of dance floor prizes adds an extra layer of excitement to the celebration. With parties ranging from 120 to over 220 attendees, hiring an event planner is strongly recommended to ensure a seamless and memorable event.

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When on the quest for the perfect Bat Mitzvah dress, it is advisable to commence the search at least two months before the ceremony. This timeframe allows ample room to explore various styles, make necessary alterations, and secure the ideal fit. Starting early ensures a broad selection and provides the flexibility to alter or design a dress to perfection. Considering factors like the ceremony's time, weather, and location is crucial to selecting a comfortable and appropriate dress. While ensuring the dress is "daddy approved," the most pivotal voice in the decision-making process should belong to the daughter, as it is ultimately her event.


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Fashion wise, they love tulle BUT want to be different that their friends as well. Although we hate it, they LOVE high top sneakers so sometimes if you compromise on the shoes you can have a bit more say in what she will want to wear. For many of the occasions these modest styled girls gowns will have a sleeve but that length is really up to what is expected at your synagogue. Pegeen can customize whatever sleeve length, 3/4 sleeves or sometimes a cap sleeve and in-between that you need and a higher neckline if you also prefer. Feel free to call us and if she has an idea, please email us or chat on the website - it's best if we see what her expectations are. Like we said, the girls right now are all about the tulle HOWEVER we find that more and more are requesting beaded and sequined fabrics to be used on their bodice or even their entire dress. Our Bat Mitzvah dresses start around $300 and we try to keep the prices below $600. However, the more embellishment, the more expensive a dress can become.


Below are the standard styles we start with but with your ideas, we can really create anything. Some of the dresses below were used for Jewish Weddings as well.

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OCEANIC and CERISE PINK Silk flower girl dress style Periwinkle, Lace and Rhinestone Bling tulle jr. bridesmaids dressBlack and Purple Bat Mitzvah Dressblue Custom Tulle BAT MITZVAH DRESS OR flower girl dresses by PEGEEN
 cerise pink and lime green flower girl dresses Midnight Blue Silk and Aloncon Lace Flower Girl DressesRose Silk and Tulle Jr. Bridesmaids DressSage Green tulle with Bisque Custom Tulle ballerina style Jr. Bridesmaids Dress from Pegeen Couture
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From the REGAL COLLECTION: The Mary tudor - Cerise Hot Pink Flower Girl Dresses Style 690 from Pegeen Shock, Raspberry (Fuschia) and Bubblegum Pink Hankerchief Tulle Skirt with Sequin top Style 450New Ivory and Spun Gold  tulle Bat Mitzvah dresses with Aloncon Lace with layers and layers of tulleSilver Gray and Glitter Tulle Flower Girl Dresses Metallic Sparkle top
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