Expert Advice from a 40 Year, Flower Girl Dress Business

Expert Advice from a 40 Year Business about how to research the best flower girl dresses

Princess Flower Girl Dresses


Some time ago, we asked, what type of princess are you?


What style of princess flower girl dress would you prefer?


How do I even go about choosing a flower girl dress?


This section, we call LEARN, is exactly that - learn about the different styles of dresses we produce, not just flower girl dresses but including Bat Mitzvah, First Communion, dresses for everyday from our Disney inspired prints, Princess Dresses and the important, Plus Size Dresses for styles or looks for all girls of every shape.  Typically, when someone finds us, we hear "Wow, your pricing are amazing". We offer quality flower girl dresses (and other items for children's wear) so we felt this section should be devoted to helping a customer choose the best style for their needs and answer a few of your questions.

We provide a premium, proudly Made in America product because we are committed to providing the finest possible customer service while producing luxury flower girl dresses fit for a Princess. Making every child, especially our flower girls, feel as beautiful as they deserve, regardless of their size or form, gives us satisfaction. Pegeen is an internet retailer with its current headquarters in Lake Buena Vista and international shipping capabilities. has been producing and designing couture-quality children's apparel since 1982, and our design studio is situated not far from Walt Disney World.

When it comes to selecting flower girl dresses for your wedding party, you have a lot of things to consider. After all, it will be these adorable young girls who ensure that the event is adorned with flowers and smiles. We provide a simple method for choosing the ideal attire for each flower girl in your wedding party. Our various collections come in a range of designs, materials, and hues. You may be sure that our wide selection will satisfy the inner princess of your flower girl. We break our collections in the Classic Styles or Couture Flower Girl Dresses, some with a Disney whimsy called Fairytale Flower Girl Dress Collection, Junior styles which are also appropriate for Bat Mitzvahs and other special religious events such as First Communions. And, what is Pegeen without concentrating our dresses that are perfect for that child who doesn't quite fit in a regular dress, our Plus Size Flower Girl Dresses come in every style but we have the special way of combining sizes so we can get the perfect fit. AND we guarantee it!

Who exactly can be a flower girl - and many ask, at what age is a flower girl too big? What should she wear? Although some brides ask their grandmothers, flower girls are typically between the ages of 2 and 8! If your flower girl is a bit younger, you might want to accompany her down the aisle with a bridesmaid to keep her on track. Consider having junior bridesmaids who will wear attire that matches your bridesmaids for tweens. Flower girls are expected to follow the last bridesmaid and arrive just before the bride. Often, it is advantageous for the bridesmaids to have arrived early to the ceremony location so they can assist in waving the flower girl down the aisle. Decide what works for you because it's your wedding.


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