How to spot fake counterfeit flower girl dresses

How not to mistake a quality flower girl dress for a cheap, counterfeit dress

As a manufacturer of flower girl dresses for over 40+ years, we believe it it time to speak out about fake, that rip off companies by pulling down pictures from a legitimate manufacturer, particularly bespoke flower girl dresses, and placing those photos on their websites. This happens to many bridal manufacturer to be very clear. And with the abundance of dresses for little girls (and older ones too) being sold on places like Amazon, these counterfeits are all over. How to spot them:

  1. If it's too good (the price) to be true
  2. If the pictures look all different (ie the style of how they photograph the dresses, you KNOW that something is fishy.)
  3. Hard to find out where they are located.  A good place to look is their contact information but even easier - is their address posted on their website for questions.
  4. Prices should be consistent among different bridal stores - if it's not - it's counterfeit. We are manufacturers so we don't sell to stores but lets say a dress we make, is always silk and listed at $200.  See an identical one for $50?  Well that's the clue that it is made in China, likely a bad copy of the design and with cheap, imitation polyester. The fabric is skimpy, the width is skimpy and typically there's no crinoline.
  5. I saw a website, obviously Chinese, who ripped off a designer's dress.  The original dress that appeared on the top of their website, had two or three photos of the designers dress. The dress, even though from our competitor, was breath taking.  It was about $275.  Not super expensive but worth the price.  THEN under that, pulling the images off of their website was a dress, which OBVIOUSLY was a rip off.  The beaded and embrodiered bodice was made of lesser quality, ( not as much beading and so forth) and instead of the same lovely fullness,of many multiple layers, there were only three layers, much more narrow, and of course, the dress was no where as near as fluffy.  What's more, the "conterfeit" dress company was putting on their website, their best interpretation of the dress, ie just WAIT till what you get in the mail, usually in a tiny package, squished to all hell.
  6. Let Google Lens be your best friend. Don't know how to use it?  Quickly learn.  If you have chosen a flower girl dress and take an screen shot, open google lens and it will show you that dress and all the ones similar OR worse yet, the dress you like and see it listed for far less than the designers website.

A fantastic website to read about is and if we can remember WHERE we saw it, there is a bridal company that had an extensive website that listed all the companies to steer away from.


We write this advice on the our HELP column because we feel it is so important.  Would we love for you to purchase from us?  Of course we would.  Our quality is fantastic - read our Google reviews (advoid the fake one from the competition who hoped to destroy us by writing a bad review).  You will find that, after 40 years of business and almost 2 million dresses thus far, we stand behind our reputation.


One other thing about reviews.  Read them.  It's important you do research.  Not everyone can afford our dresses, we get that - and trust me, if you were a Kardashian or a bride with a 10 million dollar wedding budget, I know a designer who makes lovely flower girl dresses that range from $2500 to 14,000 US.  Yep, you read that correctly.  I would even pass along their name.  BUT that said, we too have send many dresses overseas for the Kingdom of Bahrain, the King of Saudia Arabia's family, and expensive weddings in Lebanon, Kuawit, Dubai, and presidents, senators, and celebrities here in the US.  BUT we like to keep our flower girl dress prices reasonable and affordable. We hope to do business with you!


RECENT UPDATE:  THis blog post was just one of many that I read researching this article: - search her site for Online Shopping Gone Wrong - she writes about the issue and sites many companies you need to stay away from.  Again, if the price is too good to be true, you can bet they are counterfeit. And her article was NICE and not blatant.  I can't be this nice about being ripped off.

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