Spa blue and platinum gray custom silk flower girl dress

Chic Couture: Custom Flower Girl Dress in Spa Blue and Gray

In the realm of weddings, every detail contributes to the overall magic of the occasion. For one discerning customer, creating a truly exceptional flower girl dress was paramount. Drawing inspiration from the Couture-Style 402, she embarked on a journey to craft a dress that would captivate hearts and leave a lasting impression. Opting for a sophisticated palette of Spa Blue, Medium Gray, and Platinum Gray silk, she set the stage for a dress that exuded elegance and charm.

To add depth and dimension to the ensemble, the customer chose Light Gray tulle, creating a delicate and ethereal effect that was both whimsical and romantic. The addition of a Cinderella sash further enhanced the dress, accentuating the waistline and adding a touch of fairy-tale magic. As a final flourish, two waterfall color roses were delicately placed, completing the look and infusing it with a sense of natural beauty.

Custom Platinum, Gray and Spa Blue Silk Tulle Flower Girl Dresses

Each element of the custom flower girl dress was meticulously selected and crafted to ensure that it was as beautiful as it was comfortable to wear. From the silky smoothness of the fabrics to the intricate detailing of the roses, every aspect spoke to the customer's impeccable taste and attention to detail. It was a dress that not only complemented the wedding theme but also reflected the unique personality and style of the bride.

As the flower girl adorned in her chic couture dress made her way down the aisle, she became a symbol of grace and beauty, captivating all who beheld her. With its sophisticated color palette and exquisite detailing, the dress added an extra layer of magic to an already unforgettable day.

She added a Cinderella sash for an additional +20 and waterfall colored flowers +20. There were no additional charges for this flower girl dress. Optional prices are subject to change. Check menus for current prices.

Flower Girl Dress Details
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