White Aloncon, Petals in Tulle Skirt Communion Dress

In the pursuit of a momentous and sacred occasion like a First Communion, this discerning customer turned to Pegeen to create a meaningful ensemble for her daughter. The chosen canvas for this spiritual milestone was Style 963, a distinguished dThis customer chose to base her flower girl dress on style 963 and wanted her communion dress to be in Antique White for her First Communion. Style 963 is part of our Heavenly Whites Collection of Communion Dresses for girls. esign that is part of our Heavenly Whites Collection of Communion Dresses for girls. The Heavenly Whites Collection is revered for its ethereal and angelic designs, and Style 963 stands out as an embodiment of grace and purity, making it a fitting choice for a First Communion Dress.

The specific customization chosen for this significant event was the timeless hue of Antique White. This classic and pristine color was selected to grace the entire ensemble, emphasizing the solemnity and purity associated with a First Communion. Antique White, with its soft and subdued elegance, became more than just a color choice—it became a symbol of reverence and devotion. The customer's decision to base the flower girl dress on Style 963 and drape it in Antique White bespoke a commitment to crafting an ensemble that not only adorned but also symbolized the sanctity of the communion ceremony.


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Communion Dress  - Antique White Aloncon, Petals in Tulle Skirt | Pegeen

Style 963, with its intricate detailing and flowing silhouette, offers a perfect blend of sophistication and innocence, making it an ideal choice for such a sacred occasion. The customer's choice to customize this particular style for her daughter's First Communion highlighted a desire for a dress that would not only be visually enchanting but also resonate with the spiritual significance of the event. Style 963, as part of the Heavenly Whites Collection, encapsulates the essence of celestial beauty and serves as a thoughtful expression of devotion.

As the flower girl dress transformed into a communion dress in Antique White, it transcended the realm of mere garments, becoming a vessel for sacred moments and cherished memories. The union of Style 963 and Antique White created a dress that symbolized the purity of heart and the solemnity of the communion ceremony. This bespoke ensemble reflected not only the customer's discerning taste but also her dedication to ensuring that her daughter's First Communion was adorned with a gown that radiated spiritual grace and timeless elegance.

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Communion Dress  - Antique White Aloncon, Petals in Tulle Skirt | Pegeen Communion Dress  - Antique White Aloncon, Petals in Tulle Skirt | Pegeen
Custom FIRST COMMUNION dresses are not returnable as they are made to your specifications. We pride ourselves in our Guarantee Fit and Workmanship and ask that you provide measurements for your FIRST COMMUNION DRESS at a specific time to ensure a perfect fit. You can choose Other Options like veils or a matching American Doll Dress but you must choose the standard things - like colors, sleeve choices, size and optional special fit sizing.


If you are looking for a cheap First Communion dress, we don't use fabrics that are not up to our standards. BUT if what you want is an impeccably made dress, then we are your designer. Pegeen® Luxury Childrenswear, proudly made in the USA in our own factory located just 1.5 miles from Disney World.  Shipping Worldwide Since 1982.



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