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Jr Bridesmaids Dresses, Junior Bridesmaids Dresses in over Over 200+ Silk Colors | Pegeen


Junior bridesmaids dresses are only available from 6X thru size 16 - other Jr Bridesmaids dresses may be available in Plus Size.

Style 305 6X-16
Style 320 6X-16
Style 388 6X-Plus Size
Style 403 2T-Plus SizeStyle 419 2T-16 
Flower Girl Dress 305
Flower Girl Dress 320
Flower Girl Dress 388
Flower Girl Dress 403
Junior Bridesmaids Dress 419 
Style 420 6X-16Style 423 6X-16Style 424 6X-16Style 496 6X-16 
Flower Girl Dress 420Junior Bridesmaids Silk Dress with Spagetti Straps #423Junior Bridesmaids Silk Dress with Spagetti Straps #424Junior Bridesmaids Silk Dress with Spagetti Straps #302Junior Bridesmaids Dress in Aloncon Beaded Lace and Spagetti Straps #496Jr Bridesmaid Aloncon Lace Bodice Shell
PEGEEN carries sizing to Girls 16 and Plus Sizes and Jr Bridesmaids Dresses as well. But sometimes, the jr . bridesmaid is normal sized but a little older girl. What do we suggest she wear for her age? Well, first of all the best thing you can do for your older child is assure her that most every style we make carries well for the older child. Continued below... Some of our recent Jr Bridesmaids Dresses.
Junior Bridesmaid Dress 320 left and 398 (right)
Junior Bridesmaid Dress 320 (little girl front has 398)
Junior Bridesmaid Dress 398
Junior Bridesmaid Dress 320
Junior Bridesmaid Dress 357
Junior Bridesmaid Dress 357
Brown Ivory Junior Bridesmaid Dress 398Creme Ivory Junior Bridesmaid Dress 307Junior Bridesmaid Dress 320
Latte Chestnut Brown Junior Bridesmaid Dress 320Tiffany Blue Junior Bridesmaid Dress 398
Junior Bridesmaid Dress 382Junior Bridesmaid Dress 320
Junior Cotillion Bridesmaids Dresses with spagetti StrapsJunior Bridesmaid or Cotillion Dresses Style 388Junior Bridesmaid or Cotillion Dresses with Spagetti Straps Style 423Junior Cotillion Bridesmaids Dresses with spagetti Straps 
Our suggestions for JUNIOR BRIDESMAIDS are numerous....continued from the top:

We think however that an older child, one who is not in highschool but a junior bridesmaid none the less, should still have her skirt length at BALLET as opposed to the floor. There will be formal occasions in the future where she will look appropriate in a long gown, but for now we still think it should not go to the floor. If this is your preference, however, we can add extra length.

If a girl is taller than our chart (60"+) we can add length to the bodice and skirt. Read about these options below. We have some dresses we feel are more appropriate for the older child but rest assured, the bodice is dropped to the natural waistline for all sizes above 4T. Our design staff can discuss this with you at any time by calling 407-928-2377 (FL) (NJ) and we welcome your calls 7 days a week until 11pm.

We offer a service called SPECIAL FIT for flower girls who are just too hard to fit - sometimes they are very, very thin and tall and sometimes they are stocky. The charge ranges from $35 or $45 and covers all the adjustments that we need to make. You can choose these options by choosing, as you go to order, under the pulldown menu for SPECIAL SIZING or BODICE FIT for each style instead of choosing the REGULAR SIZING. We also ask that you give us the height, chest, waist and hips when you go to check out. You will find a space to put this information on the checkout page where you have to put your Address. There is a MESSAGE OR COMMENTS section where you can add any particulars or questions. When ordering multiple dresses, please put in your comments something like "this is the measurements for the size 8 special fit" and once we get your order we will contact you.

If your child is stocky but still has a chest under 34 1/2", we call this a SPECIAL FIT and it costs an additional $35. However, iof the child has a larger chest (34 1/2 & over) we do something called a BODICE FIT which means we send a bodice to you in the mail for you to have her try on. We keep a duplicate pattern and your observations on the fit are relayed to us via email and pictures. The charge for this is $45. You must go to the PURCHASE SPECIAL OPTIONS and choose the BUY ME button for the $35 or the $45 charge. If you have questions , please feel free to call us!


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