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Mother Ginger Costume
Frame & Instructions
Skirting & Stilt Cover Flap
Colors customized per ballet company. Price reflects new price for 2024 which includes $250 for shipping (yes it is THAT bad). Please note the patterns are seasonal and may not be available from season to season. Please be sure to talk to us to finalize your colors.

Mother Ginger is a major character in The Nutcracker and perhaps the best scene stealer!

That said it is one of the more intricate costumes we produce. We would LOVE IT if you would kindly get those orders in early rather than later. Because it requires no measurements (commonly worn by a man because of it's weight), we can manufacture these, complete with frame, earlier that your anticipated auditions and we like to get these made before said measurements come in for the Nutcracker Costumes and Dresses we make. Help us help you!

Please provide a photo of your backdrop so we can offer a few design ideas and selection of silk colors.

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Nutcracker Mother Ginger Costume 793 | Pegeen
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