Tulle toddler flower girl dress, Rose gold

In the tapestry of wedding planning, every detail contributes to the overall beauty and ambiance of the day. For one discerning bride, the choice for her flower girl dresses was imbued with intention and grace. Drawing inspiration from timeless elegance and modern charm, she chose Style 427 as the foundation for her vision of radiant beauty.

Opting for a ballet pink waistband as the anchor, she envisioned layers of blush tulle cascading delicately to create a sense of ethereal movement. To add a touch of opulence and glamour, the bride selected a rose gold sequined bodice, ensuring that her flower girls would sparkle and shine as they walked down the aisle.

Rose gold fluffy tulle toddler flower girl dress

As the flower girls adorned themselves in these custom creations, they became living embodiments of the bride's vision—radiant, graceful, and utterly captivating. With Style 427 as the canvas and the bride's creativity guiding the way, these multi-layer flower girl dresses became more than just garments—they became symbols of love, style, and the joy of celebration.

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Flower Girl Dress Details
 Rose gold fluffy tulle toddler flower girl dressRose gold fluffy tulle toddler flower girl dress

For over 40 years, Pegeen has been creating the most beautiful flower girl dresses in the world. Begin the process by ordering your free swatches, simply click on the "Free Swatches" image on the right side and select up to 10 fabric swatches at no cost.


About this Special Day flower girl dress: Available in 260+ colors of silk. 


Infants through plus sizes, (*except if noted) with petticoat and sleeve choice at same price.  If you are looking for a cheap flower girl dress, that's not to our standards. BUT if what you want is an impeccably made outfit, then we are your designer. Pegeen® Luxury Childrenswear, proudly made in own factory located minutes from Disney World & Shipping Worldwide Since 1982.

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