Blue Moon Silk with Aloncon Lace Flower Girl Dress

In the pursuit of creating a cohesive and enchanting bridal party look, this customer turned to Style 413 as the foundation for her flower girl dresses. Seeking a harmonious coordination with her French Alençon lace and tulle junior bridesmaids' dress, the customer carefully selected a color palette that exudes sophistication and timeless beauty. Opting for a base color that resonates with celestial elegance, blue moon silk became the chosen hue. Blue moon sets a tone of tranquility and grace, providing the perfect canvas for flower girl dresses that capture the essence of a starlit celebration.

To complement the celestial theme and introduce a touch of warmth, the customer chose Antigua Taupe as an additional color for the flower girl dresses. Antigua Taupe, with its soft and earthy undertones, adds depth and a sense of balance to the ensemble. This careful combination of blue moon and Antigua Taupe creates a visual interplay that is both refined and enchanting, ensuring that the flower girl dresses seamlessly coordinate with the French Alençon lace and tulle junior bridesmaids' dress. The customer's choice of colors reflects a thoughtful approach to achieving a cohesive and sophisticated look for the entire bridal party.

Blue moon and antigua taupe silk flower girl dress

For an extra layer of opulence and intricate detail, the customer opted for a beaded pearl upgrade to the Alençon lace bodice, adding an additional +40. This bespoke addition elevates the dresses, infusing them with a sense of luxury and vintage-inspired beauty. The beaded pearl upgrade becomes a focal point, creating a stunning contrast against the blue moon silk and Antigua Taupe, and enhancing the overall design of the flower girl dresses. As the dresses inspired by Style 413 take shape, the combination of blue moon, Antigua Taupe, and the beaded pearl upgrade transforms them into captivating pieces that perfectly capture the customer's vision of timeless beauty and celestial grace.

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Flower Girl Dress Details

For over 40 years, Pegeen has been creating the most beautiful flower girl dresses in the world. Begin the process by ordering your free swatches, simply click on the "Free Swatches" image on the right side and select up to 10 fabric swatches at no cost.


About this Special Day flower girl dress: Available in 260+ colors of silk. 


Infants through plus sizes, (*except if noted) with petticoat and sleeve choice at same price.  If you are looking for a cheap flower girl dress, that's not to our standards. BUT if what you want is an impeccably made outfit, then we are your designer. Pegeen® Luxury Childrenswear, proudly made in own factory located minutes from Disney World & Shipping Worldwide Since 1982.

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