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In the pursuit of a uniquely chic and stylish ensemble for her flower girls, this customer found inspiration in the sophisticated design of Style 424. Opting for black silk as the base color, the customer set the stage for a look that exudes modern elegance and timeless appeal. Black, with its classic and versatile nature, becomes a bold yet refined choice, creating a striking contrast that adds an element of sophistication to the flower girl dresses. This decision reflects the customer's penchant for distinctive style and a desire to make a bold statement with the attire.

To introduce a touch of color and playfulness, the customer selected lilac for the bustle, adding a delightful and unexpected element to the flower girl dresses. Lilac, with its soft and romantic undertones, becomes a charming accent that infuses the ensemble with a sense of whimsy and grace. The lilac bustle creates a visually dynamic effect, elevating the overall design and ensuring that the flower girl dresses become a standout feature in the wedding celebration.


Flower Girl Dress Details
Jr Bridesmaid Dresses Black silk, tulle and lilac silk Style 424  | Pegeen

For an extra layer of enchantment, the customer chose to incorporate tulle for an additional +25. This bespoke addition adds a dreamy and ethereal quality to the flower girl dresses, creating a sense of movement and lightness. The tulle becomes a delicate embellishment that enhances the overall design, adding a touch of fairy-tale charm to the attire. As the flower girl dresses inspired by Style 424 take shape, the combination of black silk, lilac bustle, and tulle ensures that they become not only fashion statements but also enchanting pieces that capture the imagination.

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Jr Bridesmaid Dresses Black silk, tulle and lilac silk Style 424  | Pegeen


For over 40 years, Pegeen has been creating the most beautiful flower girl dresses in the world. Begin the process by ordering your free swatches, simply click on the "Free Swatches" image on the right side and select up to 10 fabric swatches at no cost.


About this Special Day flower girl dress: Available in 260+ colors of silk. 


Infants through plus sizes, (*except if noted) with petticoat and sleeve choice at same price.  If you are looking for a cheap flower girl dress, that's not to our standards. BUT if what you want is an impeccably made outfit, then we are your designer. PegeenĀ® Luxury Childrenswear, proudly made in own factory located minutes from Disney World & Shipping Worldwide Since 1982.

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