Women's Black Nutcracker Dress for Party Scene Style 799

Designed for the enchanting women who bring life to the Nutcracker Ballet Party Scene, this dress is a testament to the elegance and grace that defines the production. In classic black with ruffled trim, it exudes a timeless beauty that perfectly complements the setting and the era of the ballet. While these dresses are tailored to each dance company's unique specifications, they all share the same spirit of refinement and sophistication that makes them an integral part of the performance.

The absence of a petticoat underneath allows for versatility, giving the wearer the option to add an additional bridal or hoop slip to achieve the desired fullness. This consideration for the practical aspects of performance is a testament to the attention to detail that goes into every aspect of the Nutcracker Ballet. The result is a dress that not only captures the spirit of the production but also accommodates the needs of the dancers, allowing them to move with grace and confidence.

This dress is part of the Nutcracker Collection for the Clara Party Scene Dresses. There were no additional charges for this nutcracker costume. Optional prices are subject to change. Check menus for current prices.

Nutcracker Dress Details
Women's Black Nutcracker Dress for Party Scene Style 799 
Women's Black Nutcracker Dress for Party Scene Style 799Women's Black Nutcracker Dress for Party Scene Style 799
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About Nutcracker Costumes or Dresses: Are typically in Sizes 6R to Plus Size only.


In late summer, mothers and dance directors alike start calling us to place their orders for their upcoming performance of the Nutcracker Ballet held around Christmas Time. This costume is part of the Nutcracker Collection for Clara and the Party Scene dancers and comes in YOUR CHOICE of 260+ Silk Colors and includes petticoat with shorter length so they can dance. Our designers, and yes we are designers, or we like to say, elves in a sewing studio, REALLY ENJOY really enjoy working with our clients, whether it is a ballet company or an individual who just got cast. One thing that does help us if you are a ballet school would be to also send an image of your backdrop so we can do our best to match the dancer's costumes to your stage.


After performances, our clients usually send us their Nutcracker Ballet photos that we feature on our website and in dance publications or on our social media. We here love to receive your photos and see our results on stage - it is so satisfying. Check menus for current prices. To order this dress like the customer did, CLICK the SEE DETAILS button and choose the standard things - like colors, sizes and optional things like Pantaloons or a matching American Doll dress. PegeenĀ® Luxury Childrenswear, proudly made in the USA in our own factory located just 1.5 miles from Disney World.  Shipping Worldwide Since 1982.
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