Fairytale Collection Flower Girl Dress from in Ballet Pink

In the quest for a truly enchanting and coordinated ensemble, this visionary customer embarked on a journey with Pegeen, choosing Style 911 as the canvas for her 9 different flower girl dresses. However, her request was unique – she desired coordination without uniformity, opting for a diverse array of colors for each girl. The selected hues included steele blue, blush pink, sage green, peach, euro peri, autumn, canyon pink, eggplant, and raisin, creating a captivating spectrum that echoed the varied nuances of nature.

Adding an extra layer of visual intrigue, the tulle layers of each dress incorporated five different colors, producing a mesmerizing color-changing effect as the flower girls moved. The skirts were adorned with hydrangea petals arranged in a delightful pattern, each petal embellished with Swarovski Crystals, elevating the dresses to a level of unparalleled elegance. This intricate detailing reflected not only a commitment to craftsmanship but also an understanding of the transformative power of subtle embellishments.


Flower Girl Dress Details
Flower Girl Dress Style 911 - Earth Fairy from the Fairytale  Collection in Ballet Pink | Pegeen

Bearing the enchanting name Earth Fairy, these flower girl dresses were part of The Fairytale Collection, a fitting moniker for an ensemble that brought a touch of magic to the celebration. The chosen colors, ranging from light blue to deep plum, mirrored the enchanting hues found in a fairy-tale landscape. To provide insight into the inspiration behind the color choices, the flowers that served as muse were included, allowing a glimpse into the thoughtfulness behind each selection.

Each dress, representative of a unique color story, featured a multi-layered tulle skirt, creating a captivating interplay of colors as the flower girls gracefully moved. Silk formed the foundation of the dresses, lending a luxurious touch and contributing to the overall opulence of the ensemble. Flowers were thoughtfully dispersed throughout the skirt, mirroring the design of the bride's own wedding gown. This intentional design choice aligned with the bride's vision, creating a seamless connection between the flower girls and the overall aesthetic of the wedding.


Flower Girl Dress Style 911 - Earth Fairy from the Fairytale  Collection in Ballet Pink | Pegeen

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each flower on the dress held a Swarovski Crystal at its center, echoing the color of the silk. The Ballet Neckline added a touch of grace, further emphasizing the connection between the flower girl dresses and the bride's gown. This bespoke creation was not just an ensemble but a manifestation of a cohesive design narrative, showcasing the dedication to creating a harmonious visual experience for the entire wedding party.

In summary, this ensemble epitomized the essence of coordination without uniformity, with each flower girl dress playing a unique role in a colorful symphony. From the diverse palette and color-changing tulle to the exquisite floral embellishments, the Earth Fairy dresses from The Fairytale Collection stood as a testament to the harmonious blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and the bride's vision for a magical celebration.

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Flower Girl Dress Style 911 - Earth Fairy from the Fairytale  Collection in Ballet Pink | Pegeen

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