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Our Guarantee

At PEGEEN Children's Formal Wear we are committed to making your day special. We take special pride in bringing all of our brides into our family. How do we do this? By listening to you and helping you decide the style which would best compliment your gown or theme for your special day. This strong commitment to helping you has allowed us to grow over the years. Our founder and head designer, Marg Hyland, literally feels like she is truly walking down the aisle with each and every one of our brides, solving crises and helping along the way. We do special things for you such as notifying you when your flower girl moms place the order so we can take one more responsibility off your shoulders. More than anything, we LOVE what we are doing! You'll find the savings of going directly to the manufacturer even better than before! We offer a personalized service because we are the manufacturer, not like the mass market approach; we make each and every dress to your specific wishes, allowing you to make changes usually for a small extra cost, or for no charge at all. One of these free changes can be the choice of 260+ colors in mix and match combinations and choosing a dress with or without sleeves. Custom changes such as plus sizing or changing the sash are very low - usually $10 to $35 dollars.

We will send you a confirmation after sending your invoice.  Yes, there is more legal mubo-jumo to read but you will find it helpful to learn about information regarding cancellations, weather delays and so forth. We assume you will read this before placing an order with us, however after your order is placed we will send you a copy of our Terms and Conditions in this confirmation letter. You will need to send us back that confirmation so we know that you did 4 important things: Checked sizing, check color, check style and most importantly, check your address and phone. If any of that is wrong on our invoice, you must notify us IMMEDIATELY as we are not responsible for wrong color, sizing, style and MOST importantly, your shipping address!

Our newly designed web site with some unique features will make it easier to navigate and place your order. Of course we have our live help chat line where you can find someone in the office at most times of the day until 11pm EST - just CLICK TO CHAT. We will be adding new features like 3-D enhancements and getting a peek at how your child will look in your creation and even allowing them to "Walk Down the Aisle".  We hope to be your choice to service your needs. You'll find the savings of going directly to the manufacturer even better than before!

Every dress or suit is made to order.  Therefore, absolutely no returns are allowed except for sizing exchanges. We do not charge for short sleeves or sleeveless dresses as they are the same price and in over 260+ colors of silk. Our dresses are made locally at our own design and production facilities in Florida with talented seamstresses; we do not import our dresses from overseas. 

They are VERY full, individually sewn, and made extremely well with the finest fabrics and trims and come with their own crinoline. Boy's suits include everything except the socks (which can be purchased individually). Nothing is half - done here. When we make our dresses they represent what you see on the internet.

We are impressed with our record of thrilled customers. Just check out our RAVES And GALLERY page and see what fellow customers are saying. We are proud that we were the first apparel company on the internet back in 1994 and have made great strides to bring the best to you on the internet. We have had great success selling to over 1900 stores, but in order to have a better quality of life and not travel as much, we now sell only through our website and ship worldwide.  Our cancellation and return policies are strict and are detailed below including cancellations, repairs, upgrades and sizing exchanges:

Please note - colors and laces may change from season to season since they are carried over many years. Photos may vary from final product.

WHAT OUR GUARANTEE COVERS: All orders are custom orders, sometimes with fabrics specifically ordered just for you.  Therefore orders are not subject to returns. Sizing issues usually are never a problem with us and that is why we send custom muslins for many customers.   Because of the custom nature of our dresses and outfits everything is made to order and all sales are final after the 3 Day grace period outline below.  Sales are made to order so check your invoice carefully as we are not responsible for ANY mistakes in your invoice, so check your color, style, size and shipping address. Same day cancellations that are called in by 10 pm of the date of your order are not subject to a cancellation fee. Afterward, a cancellation fee of $50. per dress or suit will be applied up until 3 days of your order, counting the day of your order. After 3 days, counting the day of your order, regardless of the time placed, we will not accept cancellations. If your order is placed on a Monday for instance, it must be cancelled by Wednesday by 10PM.  FURTHER, ANY CANCELLATION MUST BE MADE IN WRITING BY EMAIL AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION OF THAT CANCELLATION. Failure to do so will result in the refusal of a credit to your account. Although you may call in a cancellation you must still put it in writing. We will continue to guarantee our sizing. If a repair to the dress and sizing is incorrect we will fix the sizing free of charge.  Call us for a tag or you will be reimbursed for ground charges only. Pegeen will send reimburse you up to the amount of $10.50 for shipping, once we have reinspected your outfit and determined it was a mistake in manufacturing.  We will NOT pay for any other upgraded shipment regardless of the time to your wedding.  If you ship it at a higher rate, it is at your expense.  Ship Returns Ground only. We will credit your account once you have sent in your outfit for return. Your item will be repaired within 72 hours and sent immediately back on its way to you.  Inspect your outfits carefully. All irregularity like a missing button or a stain from shipping, etc. must be reported to us within 24 HOURS of receipt of goods to receive a replacement. Any other problems reported after 1 day will not be accepted. We also ask that if your outfit is returned to us that you try to use the original box, if in good condition. PLEASE do not just throw it in a box or you will be charged a fee of $25 for ironing and maintenance. Outfits must be returned to us in perfect condition to be accepted for sizing exchanges. We don't take a return after your event has occurred. These dresses, except for sale dresses, are special orders.

WHAT WE WILL NOT COVER: Orders shipped out of the United States are not accepted for returns under any condition. Your package may also be subject to upgrade charges should either labor or material shortages, or any act of God, Homeland Security issue, or weather cause any delay. Upgrade charges consist of any 1 Day, 2 Day or 3 Day shipment that needs to be added to your package to get your package to you in time. Since our shipper charges Dimensional Weight these charges can run from an additional $46.00 to over $120.00. Think twice before asking for air shipments. 

Very important information concerning larger sizes (size 12 and larger).  Some of our dresses, especially those in the larger size ranges, in particular size 12 and especially plus size dresses may mean that pattern modifications must be made.  For instance, if a sleeve is used, they are frequently cut down in size so that the weight of them does not interfere with the flow of the dress.  THIS IS PARTICULARILY true with dresses covered in pearls and also pintucks and pearls.  If you have questions on this, please contact us since we make modifications with the garments patterns based on the weight of these larger sizes.

ABOUT SILK: We use 100% Natural Silk Dupioni and Silk Shantung in all our Silk Garments. Silk is a natural protein fiber, some forms of which can be woven into textiles. Since it is a natural fiber, it may contain irregularities such as bumps and lines. The silk fibers come from the cocoon and are gathered before the moth hatches. These larger size farmed worms produce larger cocoons that can result in thread filaments up to a mile long. The raw silk is then processed into natural silk fibers. Silk, like wool or hair, is a natural protein fiber. Being a natural fiber, silks have irregularities or slubs, uneven weaves and variations in the weaving. These slubs are part of the beauty of the natural silk fabric. Silk has the luster, texture and sensual appeal unmatched by any other fiber. It can be ironed on high, may not be washed and when dry cleaning, it must be dry cleaned in a non-wet method. Most dry cleaners will know how to properly dry clean. DRIVE BY dry cleaners (those who have a dry cleaning plant pick up garments and drop them by a store front) do not. We are not responsible for dry cleaning. We do not reimburse or take responsibility for outside alterations. The appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fiber, which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles, thus producing different colors. Thus, we do not allow returns in our silk dresses or suits.

Embroidery may sometimes change!  Due to the nature of embroidery and the fast improvements, we reserve the right to make changes to embroidery especially because the machinery is constantly improving.  The number of stitches per inch, for example, is constantly going up. ALSO, please note that design changes to some of the embroideries do occur because of larger sizes - for example our Guinevere dress which for smaller sizing is one design but larger is another (they cannot be enlarged).  If this does occur, we reserve the right to make changes to your Monogram or dress design due to the number of stiches we require for the embroidery.   Some designs of embroidery will change due to the nature of the machines used - and we reserve the right to make changes without notice.

We ship from a Monday thru Saturday schedule. When we give you a ship date the date represents the week we will be shipping your order.... Sometimes though, shipping can run as late as 2 - 3 days into the following week*, as sometimes shipping constraints can happen due to materials or sheer volume.  Please see special information below for April/June and August/October Weddings.  We do not pay for upgrades in shipping.  PLEASE ORDER ACCORDINGLY as we advise you to place your order as early as possible.  We are pretty fast however getting orders out but we will not RUSH shipments as that means putting aside other promise dates over yours. We try whenever possible to ship you in advance of your ship week so we can minimize shipping notices as this takes time away from our duties.  This is not a fact, this is just what we attempt to do. 

A special note about orders for Heavy Wedding Season (April/June) and Late Summer/FALL WEDDINGS (Hurricane Season):  This is the busiest time of the year and delays can happen up to two weeks AFTER your promise week.  We suggest you place your order 12 weeks in advance at the MINIMUM.  The shipping dates you are given are an estimate of shipping dates.  However, orders can run later than your promised week. Please place your orders accordingly.  We don't give refunds and we don't pay for air shipments.

We do not refund for Cold Feet, Homeland Security Issues or Acts of God. PEGEEN will NOT pay for shipping upgrades for delays due to natural causes or Homeland Security issues; those charges would have to be incurred by the customer. If you want your order expedited we will charge your credit card manually for the upgraded services.

SIZING GUARANTEE: You must provide measurements to us when you place the order. DO NOT EXAGERATE THE MEASUREMENTS BUT MAKE THEM ACCURATE. WE WILL DO THE CALCUATIONS FOR GROWTH - WE ARE VERY GOOD AT IT! You can do this Dresses are MADE TO ORDER and not MADE TO MEASURE which means when ordering on the page where you put your shipping information in the SPECIAL MESSAGE box. 

Made-to-Order" is not the same as "Made-to-Measure"

Made to Order dresses are manufactured according to standard sizing (versus a child's specific measurements) when the order is placed. By providing your child’s chest, waist and height measurements, I'm able to recommend the best size for.  If you prefer our Special Fit program because the child doesn’t fit in our size ranges where we may cut a smaller top for instance on a taller body, it is only a charge of $20 OR if she is plus size - $35.  Pegeen is known for it’s Magic in a Box fit, so we can provide you with the way to go on that.  Please NOTE however, (Made-to-Measure) are high end couture called BESPOKE and are designed specifically to fulfill an exact set of measurements; fully hand-made and the pattern cut from scratch, with an intermediary baste stage which involved a first fitting.  Pegeen does not do Hand Made patterns for each client but your fit with us will be very close but within a range of sizing. Measurements must be given on time or we will adjust your delivery schedule accordingly.

If you have any problems with sizing you can exchange to dress for just the charge of the shipping. If, after receiving your measurements, we decide we need to make it in a particular size or perhaps you need a Special Fit and you decide on not going with our decision then that order is not allowed to be exchanged for size or returned for any other reason. If you do not provide measurements to us and just pick a size, the dress is not returnable. Our fit is pretty fantastic and as long as you use our chart you should have no problem. Sizing exchanges are allowed however, so long as we have enough time to make the change. This will not be done for any RUSH or EXPEDITED order.  In fact in those cases, we will go with the total overall height if slender or if larger chest than the size would call for, we will go with the chest measurement. 

This obviously is not for someone who needs a minor alteration but for the customer who orders an outfit in advance of the wedding and then finds there was a growth spurt. If your outfit is purchased for an event in the future, we ask that you carefully inspect the outfit, try it on the child and then hang it up in a darkened closet to prevent fading. Please try the outfit back on 4-6 weeks before the event and make certain you have no sizing problems. Exchanges are only charged a shipping fee.  Since we are relying on you to send correct measurements PEGEEN will not pay for freight in or out for sizing exchanges.  SIZING EXCHANGE PROCEDURE: Call us for the address for your return. YOU MUST GET A RETURN AUTHORIZATION. Outfits must be returned to us in perfect condition to be accepted for sizing exchanges. If you ask us to remake a 2nd dress for you in a different size, this second choice is not returnable under any circumstances and any applicable upgrade in shipment to reach you in time will apply. Sizing guarantee does not apply to overseas orders or orders placed for countries outside of the United States.  Please note, sometimes, in our rush to get our orders out, the girls may put a wrong size ticket on a dress.  However, you can call the office and we will tell you what size was hand cut as the list is always right.  Last, we may sometimes place two tickets on your dress if it is a combination size.  Lift up the size ticket and you will see the second size ticket underneath it.

RUSH ORDERS: Orders for weddings that are placed within 45 days of wearing date (plus the additional shipping days to your zone; i.e. CA is 6 business days & 2 weekend days, therefore zone 8 is considered a rush within 53 days) are considered RUSH orders and are excluded from the above cancellation Policy and may not be returned or exchanged for any reason. In addition, if you place an order with us and ask us to expedite the shipment so it ships in less than our 4 week turnaround, then they may also not be cancelled under any circumstances. This usually happens when you place an order with us and ask for a shipping upgrade such as overnight - we jump through hoops to change our schedule around to accommodate you. Therefore the 3 day cancellation policy is not effective for these types of orders. If you rush an order and the shipping carrier fails to get it to you in time, PEGEEN will still hold you responsible for the payment in full as well as the shipping charges and the order will not be subject to cancellation, void, or refund nor will PEGEEN compensate you in any way. Further, your order may be subject to any applicable expedited charges in order for you to receive it in time as our shipping date is only the true estimate of shipping and may not account for material or labor shortages causing delays. We try to schedule you in our calendar as quickly as possible but there may be up to one or two weeks from the week following your planned ship week. At that point, we will upgrade as per our original instructions to you placed in your subject line of your order confirmation. UNLIKE OTHER COMPANIES, WE WILL GO OUT OF OUR WAY BY TAKING RUSH ORDERS because we realize that things happen and the order may not have been placed in time, or most particularly, because the child is Plus Size and it was hard for you to find someone, anyone, to help until you found us. We may not have time for you to confirm the color of your dress and do not guarantee the color will look the same as on a monitor, that is why you should get a swatch first to approve.  Manually, we look at each order and do our utmost to assure that your order is processed correctly & quickly BUT if we made the dress for you in a rush and the color is wrong because you couldn't get a swatch to you or something similar like we inaccurately cut your style, we have to attribute this to the fact that we are rushing your order and human mistakes can be made. This rarely happens but, once or twice a year it can to a rush order and fact of the matter is that we will NOT have the opportunity to correct it nor give you a refund. This is the responsibility you take by making your order so close to your wearing date. THEREFORE under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you return your order or get a refund.  



ABOUT OUR NUTCRACKER COLLECTION: Nutcracker Ballet Season is pretty crazy.  It starts in August and we deliver to sometimes, some very last minute dance companies and individuals who order long into the season.  Deliveries really last about 6-7 weeks.  Because of this, lace substitutions will occur as estimated amounts needed on hand will become exhausted.  Additionally, when we ship companies, we will occasionally decide to "mix up" laces a bit so they are a bit different (who after all wears the same dress but in different colors to a party.) Because the deadlines are so quick, we cannot notify the customer or any such changes unless they order prior to September 15th.  Delivery issues are also the same as Hurricane season and can take an additional two weeks from your promise date.  Please order early.


PRIVACY POLICY: We do not rent nor share our list. Any information we obtain from you we guard like Fort Knox. 
Feel free to email us or call us at 407-928-2377

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