1. Reflecting on the changes in weddings for the past few years

    Our evolving flower girl dress business

    The world seemed to be grappling with the aftermath of the pandemic, looming threats of wars, and a series of unfortunate events. My own world felt frozen in time, burdened by my husband's health struggles post-car crash, my grown-up son's challenges, and uncertainties surrounding the future of the wedding business I've dedicated 42 years to building.

    Just when I thought the weight of it all might make me want to give up, an email from a customer arrived, sharing how Pegeen.com had changed her life. A heartwarming photo of a little girl, much like the one in this snapshot, beaming with joy, accompanied the message. It was in that moment that an unshakable feeling surged through every cell in my body—the passion for entrepreneurship doesn't just stop. Past customers, who continue to share photos long after their events, make me believe that this journey is only beginning, even after four decades.

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