1. What we believe in

    Our philosophy for 40 years is simple - Make beautiful dresses

    At PEGEEN Children's Formal Wear we are committed to making your day special. We take special pride in bringing all of our brides into our family. We want to hear “wow, your prices are fantastic”. We offer a high quality, proudly Made in America product where we believe in the quality of the product and the best customer service experience. Our sizing is fantastic, the fabrics that we primarily use are REAL silk. Sadly, there are many Chinese sites online (you can’t quite tell because they have a US Phone number, but they are despicable who rip off US Manufacturers, such as ourselves, stealing our photography and passing them off as theirs, selling a counterfeit of miss-matched colors and crappy polyester and nylon. Even more sadly, some American online stores claim worse untruths. Here’s one of our favorite “lies” posted on an online store: "SHANTUNG SILK Shantung can be created from a weave of silk or synthetic f

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  2. The best ideas for brown flower girl dresses

    Our favorite brown flower girl dresses thus far

    I love chocolate weddings - they seem so rich and can be accented with any color and looks great. It's the perfect color palette base! You can Pair this versatile color with greens, pinks, orange, champagnes or nearly any color. We know it's a great color for weddings but is perfect with hot colors for the spring and summer! Brown is used in rustic or vintage weddings too and paired often with wood and some of the most incredible woodsy themes. Just peer through some of our weddings in our gallery pages and discover some of the most perfect ideas for your wedding using brown shades. You can choose a less traditional color for the men by choosing brown suits and combo color stripe ties or paisley. The setting for your wedding when you use brown as a base color.

    A relaxed atmosphere, a soothing neutral tone, all the blessings of nature, and a sturdy wooden accent that puts a casual palette on the ground are all facets that speak

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  3. Our first Flower Girl Dress of the Year

    This bride's wedding YEARS ago gave us a new idea for our gallery

    This flower girl dress is style 394 Antique White, Aqualine and White Organza and has a very pretty summery feel. Dress Dreamer virtual closet was used to style 394 Antique White Aqualine and White Organza

    We included some pretty ideas below for wedding flowers, table decore and more below.

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    Flower girl dress is style 394 Antique White, Aqua & Organza

    We found some absolutely lovely tiffany blue and aqua ideas that would go perfect for such a color scheme.

    From our 2008 Wedding of the Year

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