1. Decisions, decisions - how to pick just one

    Choosing the best flower girl dress for your wedding

    Now that you are through picking your date (or re-scheduled date) and the venue, dress, time and wedding party, it is time to turn your focus to something that is also important. It is now time to choose the dress that your flower girl would be wearing during your big day.

    There are several members of the bridal party, but nobody quit draws more attention than the flower girl. The guests and attendees at the wedding would have their eyes on the adorable little girl as she walks down the aisle, tossing flower petals, and smiling as she does all this. However, in order to ensure that she feels confident and comfortable during this ceremony and throughout the day, it is important to pick the perfect flower girl dress for her.

    While choosing flower girl dresses, there are a few concerns that must be taken care of. Below are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind when you

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  2. Flower Girl Dress Ideas for 3 Most Popular Wedding Themes

    So, what are your wedding plans?

    There are so many decisions to make when planning for your wedding. You have to decide on the theme, venue, dresses, decorations, food, and entertainment, and so on.

    Other than these factors, one old tradition that has made a way in a modern wedding is flower girls. As per the tradition, flower girls walk down the aisle ahead of the bride and groom and spread petals to pave the way for a new beginning, fertility, and happiness in the marriage.

    In addition to that, guests love to see the darling little girls start the ceremony off in a heart warming way. A lot of times, it can be an ice-breaker to the start of wedding jitters and even some times set off some antics (You Tube and Facebook are full of such magic moments.)   The colors you choose usually sets the stage for the theme of the wedding.

    There are a lot of things consider when deciding on a flower girl dress.  In this

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  3. Plum and Lavender flower girl dress for a Jewish Wedding

    The perfect flower girl dress for this outside wedding

    We have had time to post a few more weddings lately and this one was done for one of our repeat customers. You would think that after 40 years we would get tired of this business but even a pandemic can't stop us. (She preciously had done a navy and gold wedding with coordinating navy and gold silk and organza flower girl dresses a few years earlier). Like her previous wedding, this time around the wedding was also not held in a temple but outside with a beautiful floral decorated Huppah. She needed a 1/4 cap sleeve for religious purposes but because the girls were young, 3/4 sleeves were not necessary. The colors in this dress was stunning - we layered multiple colors of lavender, lilac, periwinkle and blue tulle and the effect was perfect.

    Style 402 was accented with a simple, dark plum ruffled sash. Dress all silk with petticoat. More details and photos of this wedding can be seen here:

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  4. 12 best choices for your flower girl dress for a Fall Wedding

    Tying the Knot in the Fall?

    Planning a fall wedding?If you`re tying the knot this coming fall, and the bulk of your wedding details are reflective of the season, you should have your little attendants tie into your theme. For conventional looks (think Peter Pan collars and brown colors) you flower girl dress styles look great with ivory accents though you should make sure that coordinates with your wedding gown.In another post, we will highlight some of our favorite spring and summer looks but for now, we are looking to the fall.

    When you think of fall colors, look to the multiple types of flowers perfect for your floral arrangements and pick colors to match. My favorite is the Dianthus as they range in colors from light pinks to deep plums and purples. The blooms are long lasting and very fragrant. Also popular flowers are Black-eyed Susans and coreopsis which range in colors of bronze, golds and yellows. Asters are in the range of blues, lavenders, pinks and purples and

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  5. How to Choose the Perfect First Communion Dress

    Our 12 absolute favorite Communion Dresses

    There is no denying the fact that the First Communion is a special day in the lives of every young Catholic girl. This blessed occasion is a milestone that will be etched in their memories and remembered for the rest of their lives. To make this particular day even more memorable, the First communion dress you choose for your daughter plays a crucial role in it. An important note:  We only allow one of each style per parish so no one has the same dress on.  Order early to advoid missing out on your favorite dress for your daughter's communion.

    However, you can’t just purchase any old dress for this special occasion. There are certain rules and guidelines that you must keep in mind while looking for that memorable First Communion Dress. So, to help you out with this happy process, we have come up with a list of things you must consider w

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  6. The perfect style for a Jr. Bridesmaid's Dress

    Choose plenty of bling for that jr bridesmaid

    We used our Pegeen Dress Dreamer to help create this Jr. Bridesmaids Dress in blue silk. Blue and Silver Jr. Bridesmaids Dress with 3/4 Sleeves Flower Girl Dresses, Jr. Bridesmaids Dress, Tulle Flower Girl Dress Pegeen Dress Dreamer virtual closet was used to create this Jr. Bridesmaid dress in powder blue with a shimmer tulle of blue with 12 layers. A wavy rhinestones topped off with a silver spun tulle skirt completes the look.

    We customized the dress for this Jewish wedding by multiple layers of blue, silver and ice blue tulle but put a layer of silver spider tulle under the top layer. Additionally, she requested a larger rhinestone waistline piece and it was done in our color of silk called French Blue.  Whenever we design a dress for a customer, we ask for a detailed rundown of the dresses used for the wedding party to best coordinate the flower girls or junior bridesmaids.  In this particular instance, the brides

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  7. What is the job of the flower girl?

    A guide for the bride to be about flower girls

    Though the role of flower girls is not complicated, it doesn’t mean they are not important. After you, the bride, they will be the ones to win the hearts of the guests and bring a big smile to their faces. They will be the sweet countenance of your wedding. No member of the bridal party is as important as our little flower girl angel as she draws more attention than any other. Whether the flower girl is your daughter, your niece or your friend’s daughter, it is essential to make her feel as pretty as a picture.

    If the responsibility is so big and the impact is so beautiful, you should plan their styling very carefully. You should select girls of the right ages, rehearse them properly, and most importantly, look for a beautiful designer of flower girl dresses, like Pegeen.

    Choosing girls and preparing them for the wedding ceremony might be easy but selecting dresses might require a little more effort. To ease your tas

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  8. 4 Tips for choosing Plus Size Flower Girl Dresses

    Help with your plus size flower girl dress

    Your little girl is already cute. But when it comes to playing the role of a flower girl, your expectations get sky-high. You want her to look the cutest and sweetest. When she will start preceding the bride down the aisle, no one is going to judge for her petal-throwing skills. Instead, everyone will be focused on how utterly adorable your little flower girl is. All of it has a lot to do with the dress she will be wearing.

    So, before you go shopping for flower girl dresses, keep a few things in mind so that your littlest flower girl feels confident with her appearance and comfortable in her dress. This is particularly important if dealing with measurements down the line. Pegeen has a special way about ordering for future weddings about this process and to learn more, click HERE.

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  9. Let us help you chose the perfect dress

    Trouble designing the perfect flower girl dress?

    Picking the perfect one from the flower girl dresses available can be quite a task and a harrowing experience particularly if you have no clue where to begin. While finding a dress that falls seamlessly in place with the rest of your entourage can be an overwhelming aspect on your to-do list, it is a task you have to accomplish. Don’t worry; here is a guide that is sure to get you through this experience so that you can find the perfect flower girl dress in an easy and breezy manner.


    Colorful flower girl dresses are all the rage

    Don’t be afraid to go further than the usual pastels and go in for a vivid color dress that is in tune with or is a contrast to your theme. While pink, purple and dark blue are the most favored ones yet, don’t be afraid to go in for green, maroon, peach or even two-colored dresses. Bright and vivacious colors will light up the surroundings and make the flowe

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  10. Keep these ideas in mind for your flower girl dress

    Custom flower girl dresses have their own charm.

    After all, there is a certain kind of familiar feeling and special meaning attached when you know you are with the designer every step of the way, putting the dress together from scratch. It feels like a wonderful amalgamation of design expertise and creative energy. Having said that, it can also be the reason why everything goes for a toss.

    To make sure your custom flower girl dresses pass the test and look their magnificent best, here are a few tips you can follow.

    The right kind of fabric is crucial

    Designer flower girl dresses will never fall in place if you do not have the right fabric backing the design and pattern of your choosing. The manner in which a piece of fabric falls and moves affects style and mood in a big way. For instance, a flower girl dress made of silk with a touch of lace at the collar. This look is sure to look feminine and vintage. The same dress made from cotton

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