1. Creating Your Plus Size Flower Girl Dress

    Sometimes our hearts bleed for some rather large girls.


    Our company, Pegeen.com, recently had an all too familiar experience when, for the umpteenth time this week, we received a frantic call from a mother in search of a plus-size flower girl dress for her daughter's First Communion. Fortunately, it's not late in the season, but the quest for the perfect dress has always been more challenging for these body types.

    However, the shocking part of the story lies in an incident that occurred when this mother visited a well-known bridal store. The store's clerk, in front of the innocent little girl, bluntly said, "Oh, we can't serve her kind here."

    Let's pause for a moment to digest the gravity of this situation. This little girl did absolutely nothing wrong other than being in the wrong store, and she was met with a response that was not only insensitive but also deeply hurtful. It begs the question: Do businesses provide sensitivity training to their

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