1. Wedding and Flower Girl Dress of the Year

    14 years ago, we announced our first "Flower Girl Dress of the Year".

    Fourteen years ago, an exciting milestone marked the beginning of an annual tradition at Pegeen. We proudly announced our very first "Flower Girl Dress of the Year," a moment that coincided with the rise of the digital camera age. Back then, customers would send us their precious memories on flash drives, as the concept of online galleries and websites was not as prevalent as it is today.

    As time went on and camera technology advanced, we witnessed a remarkable shift in the way we received images from our customers' weddings. What was once a handful of photographs each year soon turned into a flood of thousands. It became evident that we needed to showcase and celebrate these beautiful weddings. In 2008, a special event marked the birth of a series of dresses known as the "Flower Girl Dress and Wedding of the Year."

    One particular wedding holds a special place in our hearts—the first in this e

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