Sister coordinating flower girl dresses in blue and aqua

We were thrilled to hear from our past customer, Katy

Ensuring the Perfect Fit and Style for your Wedding: Pegeen's Commitment to Excellence

At Pegeen, one of our most cherished values is our unwavering commitment to guaranteeing the perfect fit for every flower girl and junior bridesmaid. With over 40 years of experience in the flower girl dress industry, we bring a depth of knowledge and expertise that is unmatched.

When it comes to a bride's special day, we understand the importance of bringing her unique vision to life. From capturing the mood and theme to selecting the ideal colors and styles, our mission is to ensure that the bride creates memories that will adorn her experience. After all, the wedding party's special day is a wonderful memory.

This commitment to excellence recently led us to assist Katy in preparing for another family wedding. Katy approached us with the delightful task of outfitting her two daughters in the perfect flower girl dresses. She embarked on a creative journey with Pegeen to make her vision a reality.

For her youngest daughter, Katy selected the enchanting Style 402, while her older girl, who played the role of Jr. Bridesmaid, donned the exquisite Style 413. The choice of the enchanting "Polar Ice" color, combined with a captivating shade of blue known as "ice blue," provided the perfect canvas for Katy's vision.

For the flower girl's attire, intricate details played a pivotal role in bringing Katy's vision to life. The addition of puff sleeves, a charming and whimsical choice, injected an extra dose of enchantment into the dresses. These delicate sleeves, offered as an optional feature with a +15 upgrade, seamlessly complemented the overall design.

For the Jr. Bridesmaid, a distinct look was desired to set her apart from the younger flower girl. A stunning style was chosen, featuring beautiful alençon lace in ivory over the soft color of Blue Wind. To elevate the elegance, we incorporated an astonishing 10 layers of tulle (+50) and a more age-appropriate sash for her. These choices not only distinguished her look but also added an extra layer of grace.

Both dresses featured a v-back design with a +10 upgrade, introducing a touch of sophistication and unique flair to the overall ensemble. This thoughtful addition brought an element of surprise and modernity to the classic silhouette.

At Pegeen, we take pride in collaborating with brides and families to create unforgettable moments. Our dedication to delivering the perfect fit and ensuring that every detail is meticulously crafted reflects our passion for making dreams come true. We look forward to continuing this journey of creativity and elegance, one dress at a time.


Sister coordinating flower girl dresses in blue and aqua