1. How COVID-19 changed our this couple's wedding plans

    We picked our winner for our Socially Distant 2020 Wedding of the Year

    We chose our flower dress of the year featuring what most brides went through, reducing their guest size and prepared to make last second changes based on the pandemic flying though families.

    This wedding was no different and highlighted the changes that were made, multiple times, for many couples who wanted to carry on with their plans for a 2020 wedding.

    What will happen going forward into 2021?  Well, likely by late spring or perhaps mid summer, weddings will be back on, and some areas with 100% capacity.  This particular wedding was dear to my heart - a family wedding where a very special niece married her one true love - a story really out of those Disney movies and we couldn't be happier.

    Although Amy and Bob had to change their plans many times, their good nature kept humor through out and the wedding, albeit

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