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The world seemed to be grappling with the aftermath of the pandemic, looming threats of wars, and a series of unfortunate events. My own world felt frozen in time, burdened by my husband's health struggles post-car crash, my grown-up son's challenges, and uncertainties surrounding the future of the wedding business I've dedicated 42 years to building.

Just when I thought the weight of it all might make me want to give up, an email from a customer arrived, sharing how had changed her life. A heartwarming photo of a little girl, much like the one in this snapshot, beaming with joy, accompanied the message. It was in that moment that an unshakable feeling surged through every cell in my body—the passion for entrepreneurship doesn't just stop. Past customers, who continue to share photos long after their events, make me believe that this journey is only beginning, even after four decades.

Shades of pink silk and tulle Bat Mitzvah Dress Style 929

On a personal note, the joy of having my family join me in Orlando, just two miles from Disney, has been a blessing. Now, I get to witness the daily adventures of my grand-kiddies, and who knows, maybe even my budding fashionista granddaughter will join the Pegeen team one day! We call this "The Make Up Lesson" or simply re-titled, "Never Let Your Lipstick out of Sight When 4 Year Olds Are Around"

The Makeup Lesson

Having witnessed markets and fashions evolve, companies rise and fall, and styles come and go, my experience has become a valuable asset for our customers. Mothers and Brides-to-Be often seek my advice, and I'm always more than happy to oblige. The commitment to customer service is unwavering, with phones at operating from 9 am until 10 pm, and calls seamlessly forwarded to someone who can assist even when I'm with my family or enjoying a roller coaster ride near Disney.

Embracing technology has allowed us to extend our hours around our employees' family schedules, earning us applause from working mothers who appreciate the flexibility. Our "MON-FRIES" tradition, offering a flexible summer schedule for employees, reinforces the family-friendly ethos of our business., with its tagline "We Care About Your Day," epitomizes my personal approach to customer service. Our commitment to excellence is evident in innovative features like the "try-on" bodice for plus-sized children, ensuring a perfect fit before the actual dress is crafted. With over 260 in-stock silk colors and fabric swatches to aid selection, Pegeen continues to be a go-to for brides seeking a curated and exquisite look for the little ones in their wedding parties.

As we celebrate 42 years in the industry in 2024, my dedicated team and I proudly launched the latest Pegeen Dress Dreamer update using UNITY. This groundbreaking feature enables customers to virtually "try on" the dresses they design directly on our website, enhancing the Pegeen experience. With 260 colors and mix-and-match options for bodices, skirts, sashes, and trims, brides can now envision and create the perfect dress for their little ones before making a purchase.

And here's an exciting tidbit for our fashion-forward clientele—introducing new styles for 2024! We're thrilled to offer the latest trends and designs to make your child's moment in the spotlight even more memorable. These additions blend seamlessly with our commitment to timeless elegance, ensuring that every Pegeen dress is a work of art.

Here's to 42 years of passion, dedication, and a commitment to making every day special for our customers at The journey continues, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

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Gray and silver tulle flower girl dress Style 931


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