5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Flower Girl Dress

So much to keep in mind when choosing the perfect little girls dress

The flower girl holds a special place in the hearts of everyone attending the wedding ceremony. She holds a significant role as she leads the way for the bride, scattering delicate flower petals along the path to the altar. This timeless tradition symbolizes the arrival of the bride, marking the beginning of a new chapter filled with love and happiness.

As the flower girl gracefully walks down the aisle, all eyes are drawn to her enchanting presence. With each step, she fills the atmosphere with a sense of innocence and joy, captivating the hearts of everyone in attendance. Her sweet smile and playful demeanor create an atmosphere of pure delight and anticipation.

Choosing the perfect flower girl dress plays a vital role in enhancing her special role and ensuring she feels extraordinary throughout the momentous day. The dress becomes a source of confidence and pride, reflecting her unique personality and style. From flowing silhouettes adorned with intricate lace to charming A-line designs embellished with delicate details, the options are endless.

The dress's fabric gently sways with each step she takes, complementing her every movement. Whether it's a dreamy tulle skirt that creates a sense of whimsy or a satin gown that exudes elegance, the flower girl's dress becomes a symbol of beauty and grace. The carefully chosen colors and embellishments further accentuate her role and harmonize with the overall wedding theme, creating a cohesive and visually stunning ensemble.

When the flower girl feels special and confident in her dress, it radiates through her infectious smile and charming demeanor. As she carries out her important task, her sense of purpose and joy brighten the atmosphere, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who witness the moment.

From the moment the flower girl is entrusted with the honor of leading the bridal procession to the time she takes her place by the bride's side, she embodies the innocence and purity that make weddings so magical. By adorning her in the perfect dress, she becomes a cherished part of the celebration, leaving a lasting impression on the couple, their families, and all those fortunate enough to witness the union of love.

So, as you select the ideal dress for your flower girl, remember the significance of her role and the joy she brings to the occasion. Choose a dress that not only captures her essence but also allows her to shine brightly as she accompanies the bride on this beautiful journey of love and unity.


When deciding about choosing flower girl dresses, we’ve prepared a few tips for you.


Let’s now talk about some ideas on how to choose flower girl dresses.

Dress match the wedding theme - The design of her dress usually depends on the theme of the wedding. If the wedding is on the beach, then the flower girl dresses should be in the light and airy colors, and simple designs. If the wedding is in a ballroom setting, then pick a fancy dress for your flower girl.

Select the appropriate color scheme - We say, “anything but a white dress” and Pegeen offers over 200 colors of silk and more to really make it different and interesting for not just the wedding party but for those who attend your wedding. See our color selection here,. You can choose flower girl dresses in a similar hue to the bridesmaids' dresses. If you are a bit confused about the look of the flower girl dresses, take the opinion of flower girl, especially if she is a little bit older as they have plenty of opinions.

Comfort is extremely crucial - The last thing anyone wants is the little one throwing a tantrum on the wedding day because her outfit is itchy or uncomfortable. So before buying the dress, make sure she’s happy about everything from fit to fabric. The flower girl usually moves around while wearing the gown, so it is better to choose something that resists wrinkles and rips. Silk is a great fabric for that and although we offer 200 silk colors we also have a number of soft knit and imported synthetic fabrics too, especially in our new budget collection starting at $99.

flower girl dresses

Choose the right length - Most flower girl dresses are either floor-length or what we call ballet-length. Ballet-length, which is about 4” or so above the ankle dresses better suits the toddlers, as they won't drag on the ground or create a tripping hazard for younger flower girls. Floor-length dresses tend to look more formal and elegant, and it better suits the young teenager and are most requested for our Jewish clientele.

Always consider the Budget - You can choose to shop online for your flower girl dresses, especially now with covid. Pegeen has been in business since 1982 but was one of the first 40,000 companies on the internet and has developed great tools for purchasing online. We are experts in sizing children with over 2 million dresses made so far and give a sizing guarantee.

If you prefer individuality and want more flexibility, then you should come to Pegeen. We have been manufacturing dresses here in the USA since our inception and take great pride in our quality and care in every garment we make. Surprisingly, our pricing is much cheaper than you would think to make a custom flower girl dress. Spending time on finding the perfect fit, designs, and color, by calling us or chatting with us on our website to insure you choose custom flower girl dresses to ensure the flower girls’ look unique and beautiful.