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Pegeen Luxury Childrenswear: Over 40 Years of Elegance in Children's Fashion

In 1982, Marg Hyland, armed with a master's degree in Dance and Theatre Design, delved into the fashion realm by founding Pegeen Luxury Childrenswear. Her initial creations swiftly garnered acclaim, making their way into esteemed retailers like Nordstrom's and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as various independent children's boutiques. It was during the preparation of her own children's attendants for her wedding that Marg recognized a void in the market for sophisticated children's wear. Capitalizing on this opportunity, she crafted her inaugural dresses and a ring bearer suit. The standout dress from her first wedding collection even graced the pages of Parade Magazine alongside Richard Dreyfuss and his daughter, marking the inception of Pegeen Luxury Bridal Wear for Children. This propelled the brand into the spotlight, securing placement in 1900 exclusive boutiques worldwide.

In 1994, at the forefront of the internet's burgeoning era, Marg and her team were trailblazers with the launch of their website, becoming one of the pioneering 50,000 websites of that time. Early adopters of e-commerce, Pegeen distinguished itself as a leader in children's apparel, particularly specializing in children's bridal wear. Acknowledging the potential of online retail, the company made a complete transition to the digital realm, broadening its offerings to encompass Nutcracker costumes and ballet attire. Marg's dedication to adapting to contemporary trends and leveraging technology has enabled Pegeen to uphold a cutting-edge presence in the industry.

Marg has witnessed shifts in markets, evolving fashion trends, the rise and fall of companies, changes in magazines, and fluctuations in trade shows, colors, and styles. Her customers reap the benefits of her extensive experience. Mothers and Brides-to-Be frequently seek advice, and Marg willingly accommodates their inquiries. keeps its phones operational from 9 am to 10 pm. When out of the office or when Marg is with her family, calls are seamlessly forwarded to a designated cell phone. Marg's dynamic presence extends to unexpected locations, like a Roller Coaster (given Pegeen's proximity to Disney World) or the zoo, where she juggles phone calls with iPhone research. Technological advancements have facilitated the company's extended hours, accommodating the families of her employees, earning applause and good-natured envy from working mothers among the clientele. Marg's unwavering commitment to customer service is evident in her willingness to dedicate as much time as needed on the phone, even guiding novice users through computer navigation.

Embracing a tradition coined by one of her children, known as "MON-FRIES," Pegeen ensures a flexible work schedule for employees during summers. This arrangement allows for extended workdays midweek, granting Mondays or Fridays off for quality family time. Marg Hyland emphasizes the family-friendly nature of their schedules, stating, "We are a family-run business, and our schedules reflect that, especially since we work in the children's industry."

Flower Girl Dresses by Pegeen, with its motto "We Care About Your Day," reflects Marg's personalized approach to customer service. The company introduces a distinctive "try-on" bodice for plus-sized children, ensuring a precise fit based on measurements before crafting the actual dress. Offering over 260 in-stock silk colors, Pegeen provides fabric swatches to simplify the selection process. Leveraging Marg's creativity and industry expertise, brides effortlessly curate stunning looks for the children in their wedding parties. This foundational styling philosophy has sustained the company for four decades and is anticipated to endure. Marg proudly asserts, "We manufacture everything in our US-based factory, and our outstanding success is evident through the volume of referrals and repeat business. It's heartening to see customers who once adorned our dresses as flower girls now ordering for their own children!"

In 2024, commemorating 42 years in the industry, Marg Hyland and her skilled team, including accomplished art and technical directors, introduced the latest Pegeen Dress Dreamer update through UNITY. This cutting-edge feature empowers customers to virtually "try on" their designed dresses directly on the website, enhancing the Pegeen experience. The platform offers 260 colors and allows the mix and match of bodices, skirts, sashes, and trims, enabling brides to envision the perfect children's dress for their wedding before making a purchase.

Flower Girl Dresses by Pegeen

Marg, with four decades of experience in designing clothing and leading Pegeen, is acknowledged by both editors and customers for her expertise. Witnessing the evolution of markets, fashion trends, and industry dynamics, she brings valuable insights to benefit her clientele. Mothers and Brides-to-Be frequently seek her advice, and Marg willingly accommodates their inquiries. ensures accessibility by keeping phones operational from 9 am to 10 pm. During Marg's family time or when out of the office, calls seamlessly transfer to a designated cell phone. Marg's dynamic presence extends to unconventional locations, like Roller Coasters or the zoo, where she adeptly manages calls while utilizing her iPhone. Leveraging technology has facilitated extended operational hours, earning admiration and good-natured envy from customers who, like Marg, are working mothers. Her unwavering commitment to customer service is exemplified through the time she dedicates to anxious customers, even assisting novice users in navigating their computers.

First Communion Dresses by Pegeen

Employees at the company enjoy a unique tradition named "MON-FRIES," coined by one of Marg Hyland's children. This term signifies a flexible work schedule during the summers, enabling longer workdays midweek and granting Mondays and Fridays for quality time with their families. Hyland emphasizes the family-friendly nature of their schedules, emphasizing, "As a family-run business, our schedules reflect our commitment to a familial atmosphere, especially considering our focus on the children's business."

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Leveraging her creativity and extensive experience in the children's wear industry, Marg has simplified the process for brides to curate an enchanting look for the children in their weddings. PEGEEN.COM ensures a precise fit by providing a "try-on" bodice for the plus-sized child, tailored according to the child's measurements before crafting the actual dress. This "tailor-made from a distance" approach eliminates any uncertainties regarding the dress's fit. The company extends its support with fabric swatches, offering a selection from over 260 in-stock colors of silk choices. Pegeen's tagline, "We Care About Your Day," encapsulates Marg's personalized approach, treating every customer as if they were her own sister or daughter and sharing in the excitement of planning their significant day.

Customers appreciate this kind of dialog and it helps make every day fresh and stimulating for Marg and the staff, keeping the creative juices flowing which manifest themselves in the 200+ styles for boys and girls in the PEGEEN line, all available in 260+ colors. Along with her business manager, partner, and husband of more than 35 years, Marg continues to reflect their love of tradition and the belief that children should look like children and not smaller versions of grown-ups. This basic styling philosophy has served the company well for over 40 years and will hopefully continue into the future. "We produce everything in our own factory here in the US, and we are very proud of it. Our success rate is fantastic - we know it by the amount of referral and repeat business we do. Imagine, customers who were once wearing our dresses as flower girls themselves are now ordering for their children!" said Hyland.

Mother Ginger Nutcracker Costume by Pegeen

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Mother Ginger Nutcracker Costume by Pegeen

Mother Ginger Nutcracker Costume by Pegeen