1. Black and arial blue silver Jr. Bridesmaids dresses

    What's a mother to do when the bride wants black on young girls in her wedding?

    The bride's mother had concerns about whether black was an appropriate color for Jr. Bridesmaids dresses, but the team at Pegeen Dress Dreamer was able to put her worries to rest. They provided many examples and even sent free swatches in the mail to help her make a decision. After much consideration, they ultimately settled on a beautiful color called Arial Blue for the sash, which was made of black silk that was woven in the opposite direction (cross weave).

    The Jr. Bridesmaids wore Pegeen Dress Dreamer's Style 388, which was customized to add extra length to their dresses. The dresses were made of 100% pure silk, ensuring that they looked and felt luxurious. The team at Pegeen Dress Dreamer prides themselves on offering their customers the ability to create their own unique style, and they encouraged the bride's mother to try their Dress Dreamer tool to design a look that would perfectly

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