1. Disney Bounding with these adorable girl's dresses

    Are you bound for Disney World with your little girl?

    If yes, as a Disney fan and parent, you should think about buying Disney inspired dresses.

    What is Disney Bounding?

    Disney Bounding is a subtle fashion-forward approach used by Disney fans to show their love. Rather than wearing the costumes that match Disney characters as Cosplayers do, Disney Bounders dress up in captivating everyday outfits called Disney Bounds that are also inspired by a particular character. Such outfits are all about creativity, beauty, and uniqueness.

    In other words, Disney Bounding is a way to express your enthusiasm for Disney and its characters through fashion. It involves wearing outfits that look similar to your favorite Disney characters without being costume-y. If you or your child is 14 years of age or older, you are not allowed to wear Disney character costumes at the parks. However, everyone can choose to be Disney Bound. Not only kids but their parents

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