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  1. Pick Colors and special trim for colorful Flower Girl dresses

    As a tradition, the brides are asked to wear white at their weddings. People say it is auspicious and brings happiness in couples’ lives and the tradition started with Queen Victoria. But, there is no such tradition or rule for flower girl dresses. At we say, “Anything but a white dress”.

    To create a mini version of them, the brides may choose a white flower girl dresses. However, we feel it should be the bride’s day and encourage our customers to choose a color, plus it makes it a bit more exciting and personal for your guests. According to fashion experts, flower girls can wear all sorts of colors and it won’t spoil anything. Surprisingly, the overall impression will elicit the ohhs and ahhs from your guests.

    Ivory flower girl dresses

    If you are very much into white and don’t wish to differ much from your bridal attire, you should choose ivory-colored flower girl dresses lik

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