1. Try our newest Pegeen Dress Dreamer version

    Our BETA version for the dress dreamer is here.

    What if I told you that you could design your very own custom dress just like building a car on our website? And what if I added that each time you play with the Dress Dreamer, it will completely price out your garment? And choose up to 2.67 billion different combinations of colors, styles, accessories and trims? So, have you tried using our Pegeen Dress Dreamer yet?  With our latest version, we did a complete overhaul and re-imagined the way you can custom design your flower girl dress bu choosing colors, flowers, bling and more, all in 3D and still to come, price out the garment as well.  We are still working with our BETA version launched this weekend, but boy are we excited.  We know that no one in the industry has gone to such extent as Pegeen and we are proud of our accomplishment.  Surely, this is a new way to create your custom dress and as we enhance the features, we will be adding more than just 3D flowers

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