1. Flower girl dress with silk back roses

    We knew this dress would be lovely when the colors were decided

    Pegeen Classic Style 338 in Tomato Red, Green Apple, Blush Pink with V-Back and Light Pink Roses was truly a remarkable flower girl dress that captured our hearts. The choice of colors in this dress was unexpected and absolutely stunning.

    The combination of the pink flowers with the pink silk on the bottom created a harmonious and elegant look. It was a brilliant decision by the bride to pair these elements together, adding a touch of uniqueness and sophistication to the overall design. To complement this already vibrant color scheme, the bride incorporated a coral-like shade of tomato and a bright green sash of apple, adding a pop of contrasting colors that brought the dress to life.

    At Pegeen, we take great pride in offering customizable options for our flower girl dresses. With our high-tech Pegeen Dress Dreamer, you can design your own dress and bring your vision to reality. Although the Dress

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