1. 3/4 Sleeves for flower girl dresses for a Jewish Wedding

    Since our offices are so close to Disney World, a visit to our Design Shop is welcomed!

    I have to admit, when a customer comes to Disney World to visit and then takes a side trip to visit us, meeting the family is usually so nice for me.  It's more than putting a face on a customer - it's more like becoming a friend, asking how the kids are doing - seeing pictures as they grow up.  Such was a family that I got to meet at a place called Champion's Gate in Davenport FL.  It used to be that we would take an excursion to a hotel or rental property to meet a customer.  Luckily, we moved to a spot just a mile from Disney, in fact close enough to hear the train whistle and see the fireworks every day.

    Such was a lovely family whereby several siblings all rented the same house and we measured all of the children. There were quite a few.  The dress they ordered was this new style at the time, used for many Jewish weddings, with 3/4 sleeves as a no-cost option

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