1. The perfect flower girl dress for casual weddings

    Need a flower girl dress for one the run packing?

    A flower girl dress for every situation and budget. When Covid 19 first hit, some states were still allowed to have weddings but they were limited in size or conducted via ZOOM. This flower girl dress was designed with that small wedding in mind, just throw it in a suit case and go! Custom velvet and mesh Flower Girl Dress with an unlined skirt and privacy shorts. Choose color for the dress and skirt and separate color for the ribbon sash. Slips over the head. Includes a ribbon sash. 30+ colors of velvet. Available from Infant through Plus Sizes.

    Slip over head top with a mesh skirt, has separate shorts. Shorter, knee length. 3/4 Sleeves and velvet minky bodice. Comfortable to wear this flower girl dress at a wedding, school or dance, parties, Sunday or any occasion. Durable enough for everyday. Machine wash, hand dry.

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  2. What we believe in

    Our philosophy for 40 years is simple - Make beautiful dresses

    At PEGEEN Children's Formal Wear we are committed to making your day special. We take special pride in bringing all of our brides into our family. We want to hear “wow, your prices are fantastic”. We offer a high quality, proudly Made in America product where we believe in the quality of the product and the best customer service experience. Our sizing is fantastic, the fabrics that we primarily use are REAL silk. Sadly, there are many Chinese sites online (you can’t quite tell because they have a US Phone number, but they are despicable who rip off US Manufacturers, such as ourselves, stealing our photography and passing them off as theirs, selling a counterfeit of miss-matched colors and crappy polyester and nylon. Even more sadly, some American online stores claim worse untruths. Here’s one of our favorite “lies” posted on an online store: "SHANTUNG SILK Shantung can be created from a weave of silk or synthetic f

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