1. Ombre style Bat Mitzvah dress for a customer?

    Let's get busy creating a fun dress for her Bat Mitzvah

    High-Low Ombre Tulle dress for a Bat-Mitzvah, Custom designed Bat Mitzvah dress in purple


    Silk colors used for this ombre tulle Bat Mitzvah dress were: Deep Purple, Lilac, Amethyst Light Orchid and Grape Tulle with Amethyst silk and Amethyst Sequins

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    Our purple ombre tulle and sequinned Bat Mitzvah dress was created for a very special evening for a young lady that had to wait for a Covid safe date. I can't imagine how that would feel but she sure looks like she celebrate that night. We started with a light lavender sequinned bodice and on our cutting table, all the purple colors of tulle we could find

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