1. Style 345 in Caribbean and Rose with a Silk Cinderella Bow

    We loved this beautiful silk Jr Bridesmaids dress is a blue color called Caribbean and we paired it up with Rose Pink - the mom decided on a v-back. It was really easy to design this style once the bride zeroed in on her free swatches. We built this in the Pegeen Dress Dreamer just to make sure how it would look beforehand. We could picture any jr bridesmaid walking down the aisle sporting these fabulous colors of aqua and pink - OR choose from any of our 260+ colors of silk that we now feature. This dress can come with sleeves or sleeveless. There are a number of different ways to choose to individualize her dress!  The Dress Dreamer is great to play with your ideas or call one of our designers!

    PEGEEN CLASSIC STYLE 345 Custom Silk Flower Girl Dress with Cinderella Bow silk. Choose up to 3 colors, for the bodice (top), skirt and sash which is available in 260+ Mix and Match Color choices and mother of pearl button closure. Dress has a full gathered skirt with

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  2. Flower girl dress with silk back roses

    We knew this dress would be lovely when the colors were decided

    This flower girl dress was Pegeen Classic Style 338 in Tomato Red, Green Apple, Blush Pink w/V-Back and Lt Pink Roses.  We really loved this one so much too!

    We are always amazed when our customers choose colors that are so unexpected.  This dress was really no exception. Pairing the pink flowers with the pink silk on the bottom was truly brilliant.  As if that wasn't different enough, the bride topped off the color grouping with this coral like color of tomato and the bright green sash of apple.

    All of our flower girl dresses can be built in our high-tech Pegeen Dress Dreamer, and the app will launch soon in the Play Store! To design your dress, visit our Pegeen Dress Dreamer and be sure to order our free swatches!But, the Dress Dreamer can only run on your desktop right now because it is so powerful however, join our mailing list on the bottom of our page and we promise to keep you

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