1. Style 402 in Steele Blue and Antique White Silk and Tulle

    Imagine the delightful moment where a young girl receives her flower girl dress

    Choosing style 402, in silk and tulle in a combination of Steele Blue and Antique White. The the young lady was unable to wait to try on her new dress as soon as it arrived.

    Describing the young girl as the "fairest princess of them all," the mother wanted to highlights her stunning blonde hair, which they believe is complemented perfectly by the Steele Blue coloring of the dress. The flower girl conveyed a sense of wonder and enchantment, as if she had been transformed into a magical being by the simple act of donning this beautiful dress.

    The use of silk and tulle fabrics in the dress also adds to the sense of luxury and sophistication, while the combination of Steele Blue and Antique White gives the dress a timeless and elegant look. Overall, this joyous occasion, where a young girl is able to feel like a true princess thanks to her beautiful flower girl dress.


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