1. Malibu Blue Silk and Tulle Flower Girl Dress Style 402

    This dress can be created and modified by visiting our Virtual Closet at our Pegeen Dress Dreamer. Malibu Blue Silk Skirt and Bodice with a V-Back and Sapphire Tulle.  This flower girl dress is Style 402 with a Malibu Blue Silk Bodice with a V-Back, Malibu Blue Skirt with Sapphire Blue Tulle.

    PEGEEN COUTURE STYLE 402 Degas inspired Custom Silk Flower Girl Dress and ruffled silk sash and 10 layers of tulle over a layer of silk and a petticoat. Choose up to 3 colors, for the bodice (top), skirt and sash which is available in 200+ Mix and Match Color choices and mother of pearl button closure. Dress has a full gathered skirt with a ruffled sash in front of the dress and a large sash that you tie in a back bow. All of our skirt lengths are ballet length, meaning just three or four inches above the ankle or you should include

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  2. Hot Pink and Black Silk and Tulle Flower Girl Dress

    This dress can be created and modified by visiting our Virtual Closet.  This festive flower girl dress was made in our hot pink silk called "Boing".  The pink was used on the Bodice and Skirt, them we used a Black Pleated Sash and Raspberry Tulle. You can choose from over 260 colors of silk and we are adding new colors every season!  Therefore, Pegeen.com is the most versatile company when it comes to designing your own custom flower girl dresses.

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    We loved this brides request - our hot pink tulle flower girl dress done in Boing (hotpink) with a Black silk sash. This style was 356 - covered in hot pink

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  3. Things to consider when buying flower girl dresses!

    Looking for flower girl dresses ought to be fun

    —regardless of whether you are shifting through all the choices or letting your little girl decide for herself. We have over 200+ luxurious shades of silk, ideal for ideal for the most formal or casual weddings. We believe at Pegeen there is much more than the ivory and white flower girl dress and feel that it is too conventional.  Show some personality when you choose your dresses for your attendants.  That pop of color, the style you choose all comes down to what works best for you.  We are showing you just a few of some cute ideas and of course, we are here, 7 days a week to answer your questions by chat or call.

    Moving along, many things must be considered while deciding on the perfect flower girl dresses for YOUR wedding.

    Although clearly not a complete list of tips when choosing your flower girl dresses, here a

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  4. The perfect style for a Jr. Bridesmaid's Dress

    Choose plenty of bling for that jr bridesmaid

    We used our Pegeen Dress Dreamer to help create this Jr. Bridesmaids Dress in blue silk. Blue and Silver Jr. Bridesmaids Dress with 3/4 Sleeves Flower Girl Dresses, Jr. Bridesmaids Dress, Tulle Flower Girl Dress Pegeen Dress Dreamer virtual closet was used to create this Jr. Bridesmaid dress in powder blue with a shimmer tulle of blue with 12 layers. A wavy rhinestones topped off with a silver spun tulle skirt completes the look.

    We customized the dress for this Jewish wedding by multiple layers of blue, silver and ice blue tulle but put a layer of silver spider tulle under the top layer. Additionally, she requested a larger rhinestone waistline piece and it was done in our color of silk called French Blue.  Whenever we design a dress for a customer, we ask for a detailed rundown of the dresses used for the wedding party to best coordinate the flower girls or junior bridesmaids.  In this particular instance, the brides

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  5. Ombre style Bat Mitzvah dress for a customer?

    Let's get busy creating a fun dress for her Bat Mitzvah

    High-Low Ombre Tulle dress for a Bat-Mitzvah, Custom designed Bat Mitzvah dress in purple


    Silk colors used for this ombre tulle Bat Mitzvah dress were: Deep Purple, Lilac, Amethyst Light Orchid and Grape Tulle with Amethyst silk and Amethyst Sequins

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    Our purple ombre tulle and sequinned Bat Mitzvah dress was created for a very special evening for a young lady that had to wait for a Covid safe date. I can't imagine how that would feel but she sure looks like she celebrate that night. We started with a light lavender sequinned bodice and on our cutting table, all the purple colors of tulle we could find

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