What is the job of the flower girl?

What is the job of the flower girl?

Though the role of flower girls is not complicated, it doesn’t mean they are not important. After you, the bride, they will be the ones to win the hearts of the guests and bring a big smile to their faces. They will be the sweet countenance of your wedding. No member of the bridal party is as important as our little flower girl angel as she draws more attention than any other. Whether the flower girl is your daughter, your niece or your friend’s daughter, it is essential to make her feel as pretty as a picture.

If the responsibility is so big and the impact is so beautiful, you should plan their styling very carefully. You should select girls of the right ages, rehearse them properly, and most importantly, look for a beautiful designer of flower girl dresses, like Pegeen.

Choosing girls and preparing them for the wedding ceremony might be easy but selecting dresses might require a little more effort. To ease your task, we have shared a few important details and tips in this post.

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What do flower girls wear?

Flower girls are there to drop flower petals ahead of the bride’s grand entrance and her walk down the aisle, attend to the bride and project glimpses of the bride’s childhood. So usually, flower girls wear dresses that complement the bridal gown. If not the bride’s gown, they coordinate with the bridesmaids’ dresses. If you or your girls wear tulle, Pegeen has over 40 colors of tulle you can choose from. But make sure your flower girls do not look grown-up. They should not be like a “mini bride” or a smaller version of one of the adult bridesmaids. You don’t want hip-hugging, slinky satin dresses. They should look like little girls, the embodiment of youth and innocence.

Things to consider when shopping for the flower girl dresses

• You should choose the dress along with the parents. Choose a common theme, color, or style. If you have more than one flower girl, girls of the same age group should wear the same or similar coordinating dresses. Older girls should wear an age-appropriate dress, a dress for infants would not go over well with older girls.


• You should shop online as it’s easier than bringing the girls to the mall. Measuring by Pegeen.com is easy and we answer your calls or chats online with instructions.

• You should ensure that the size and length of the dress are appropriate. The length should be manageable for the girls, please remember that floor-length dresses are exceedingly difficult for little girls to manage. You don’t want them to look like they are wearing a borrowed dress and you don’t want them to trip and fall and injure themselves. If they fall, even if they are not injured, they will be embarrassed. Tears will be forthcoming. Don’t subject them to it, ballet-length dresses not only look much better, but they are also safer.

• You should consider the season when selecting the flower dresses. Picking a tank or short sleeve dress for winters and vice-versa for summers will make the girls uncomfortable.

• Other than the design and style, you should think twice about the fabric of the dresses. You should choose a breathable quality fabric that girls have worn before or something that corresponds with the seasonal temperatures. Silk is a great choice as it is comfortable, lightweight and can clean up quickly and easily in the event of a spill or smudge.

Pegeen.com carries over 200 colors of silk and each dress can be in mix or match colors, up to three choices for a dress, the bodice, the skirt and the sash.

Flower girls are not props; they are the heart of the charm of your wedding. So prepare them with love and utmost care by taking the above-mentioned tips into consideration.