Customizing a Flower Girl Dress to Your Wedding Theme

How to make the little flower girl dress uniquely yours

Custom flower girl dresses can match your bridesmaid dresses and your wedding décor more exactly than some “close, but not quite there” color from the standard palette options. The Pegeen customer has the ability choose their sleeve length including no sleeve, a short cap sleeve, a short sleeve, a long sleeve to the elbow, or below the elbow, or to the wrist. Similarly, these same types of options are available for the skirt length and many options for the type of sash and bow. No other company offers such a wide array of customization. After all, there is a certain kind of familiar feeling and special meaning attached when you know you are with the designer every step of the way, putting the dress together “your way” from scratch. That is the benefit of having a wonderful amalgamation of design expertise and creative energy. To make sure your custom flower girl dresses look their best, here are a few tips you can follow.

They may be the littlest members in your entourage but out of all the members in it, they are the ones who definitely get most of the attention. After all, everyone’s eyes are going to be on the little girl walking down the aisle. Naturally, you want to make certain she gets the best dress style that coordinates with your dress or theme.


In order to make sure the dress you pick makes the flower girl feel confident and extraordinary, here is a checklist you can follow so that you ultimately pick the flower girl dress that suits your wedding theme just right.

Take the season into account

Pick a flower girl dress that blends with the season well. For a warm-weathered wedding, go in for short sleeves or sleeveless while for a wedding being hosted in winter, you can think of tights and a cape to keep the flower girl snug and cozy. Pegeen allows you to even choose long sleeves on most every flower girl dress we make.

The fabric plays a vital role

The flower girl dress needs to go with the wedding aesthetics but see that you steer clear from too heavy or itchy fabric. Tulle flower girl dresses are the rage today. This design tends to give an alluring ballerina vibe to the dress. You can also go in for lace, chiffon material. Our personal preference is silk because it flows so beautifully and looks so rich. Besides not showing stains or spots like polyester fabrics do, you can simply spot clean it with a damp cloth if something gets on the dress and will dry without a mark. What could be more rich than silk anyway?

Focus on the style and color

While material plays a vital role, it is best to choose a color (Pegeen allows you to custom choose up to three colors of silk) that either matches your bridesmaids and theme or coordinate well. While the eventual style, fit, color and fabric is the bride’s call, generally going in for dress that works well with the wedding aesthetic is a wise choice. Some brides go in for a dress in a similar hue to the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Plan for her to grow into it

When picking a flower girl dress, you have to estimate for a bit of growth. Most moms will place their order for a flower girl dress about four months in advance. When it comes to sizing for the children, Pegeen has a few special programs and we are so good at sizing, we guarantee it even if the dress is purchased further in advance. Because we have actually sized over 3 million flower girl dresses so far in our almost 40 years of business, we rarely make a sizing mistake – in fact we average less than two sizing exchanges for a year. The trick is where in the country you live. Generally, kids in warmer climates tend to grow a bit more steadily than children in northern climates. The other thing is that during the school year, their bodies concentrate their energy into school – once summer vacation starts their growth accelerates – fun fact from the American Pediatric Society.

custom silk flower girl dress

Our guarantee means that we first get your children's measurements and if the wedding is more than four months away, we ask for a remeasure and then go about producing your dresses. If not, even though we think our kids “grow like weeds” their four month growth spurt is less for older children and a bit more for younger but amounting to ¼ to ½” – another fun fact from the APS. Long ago when my kids were younger, they were certain I could make it as a carnival guy guessing weight because I never made a a mistake. We are very good after millions of dresses shipped estimating growth. WE are always there to answer your calls.

Multi colored silk flower girl dresses

About special fits

No longer do you have to have your child humiliated at Big Box Stores when they say “Oh we don't fit their kind here”. We fit these special kids with dignity.

Arranging Plus Size Flower Girl Dresses isn't hard for Pegeen. We do the process two different ways: First choose the height based on the total standing height. That actually is her size. Then, using her chest measurement choose the appropriate size for her Bodice Fit (BF). For instance if the girl is larger (or smaller) on the top but falls withing the top chest range of 32.5" she is a size 10 with a 16BF for the Special Bodice Fit.

Custom designed flower girl dresses for plus size dresses

Lastly, we are well known for our Plus Size Flower Girl Dresses and the process is easy. You can think about personalizing the sash by putting it on one side with the bride and groom’s initials. Beautifully tied bows and streams of cascading ribbons also add a childlike, endearing quality. You can also think about adding detachable flowers which is sure to add a one-of-a-kind color and style to a dress.

See that the custom flower girl dress you design is versatile as well as comes with flexibility and individuality that is contemporary in every sense of the word. You are sure to find an array of flower girl dresses at PEGEEN Flower Girl Dress Company. So go ahead and create your own dress. The many options available are sure to make it easy to find the ideal one for you. So there you have it. Now that you are acquainted with the elements that go into choosing the right flower girl dress, you can successfully take your pick and choose the best one that exists. Whether you are looking for tulle, silk or even lace flower girl dresses, get in touch with us at PEGEEN Flower Girl Dress Company. We offer you a wide selection of dresses and prompt delivery so that nothing comes in the way of helping you find the perfect flower girl dress for the most important day of your life.