Bespoke Sequin Options for Your Flower Girl Dresses

Introducing Customizable Sequins for Your Flower Girl Dresses: Add Some Sparkle to Your Special Day!

We are thrilled to announce our latest offering – the ability to customize sequins on any flower girl dress! Our team has received numerous requests for this feature and we are excited to have finally made it available. To make it even more exciting, we have also expanded the color options beyond just silver, gold, and rose gold.

While a few of our dress styles come with sequins included in the price, such as the Junior Dress available in sizes 6R to Plus Sizes and our new Junior Line of sizes 0,2,4,6 and 8, you can now add sequins to any dress with a drop-down menu option. We believe this will allow you to personalize your flower girl dress and add a little extra sparkle to your special day.

As a bonus, we are currently working on our Pegeen Dress Dreamer that will also have the sequin option available. We can't wait to see the amazing combinations that our customers will come up with!

However, just because a dress doesn't have sequins, doesn't mean you can't add them. Here is the full range of solid colors we now carry.

PEGEEN COUTURE STYLE 427 Flower Girl Dress from the Princess Special Day Collection Iridescent sequins in pink, black, ivory or black (other colors may become available). Three tiered tulle flower girl dress accented with a Heaven Rose, silk sash and underlining, and covered button closure. Silk Dress has a full gathered skirt. This dress is slightly below the knee through toddlers and mid calf for older girls,custom length at extra charge.

Sequin and tulle junior's flower girl dresses

Sequin flower girl dresses

Below - here are some custom dresses others have done.  When indicated with an asterisk the sequin price was added on.


Below - here are some custom dresses others have done.  When indicated with an asterisk the sequin price was added on.

Immediately below, Audrey Hepburn inspired dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's - an iconic style in black, pink and white.  Cateye glasses, pearls and gloves an optional purchase.

Sequin flower girl dresses Audrey Hepburn Inspured Little Black Dress

Below: Style 422 with added sequin bodice

Gold sequins holiday ombre flower girl dress by Pegeen

Below: Style 934 in amethyst sequins

Purple Ombre Tulle, Silk and Sequin Bat Mitzvah Dress



To add sequins to your flower girl dress, like this customer did to her Couture STYLE 402*, all you have to do is go to the style to order it, and pull down the BODICE OPTIONS and pull down to add the sequins. On checkout, you will list the color you want by choosing from the allowed color choices. If a style does include sequins already in the price, then there will be a pull down menu and it will list all the colors.

Black and Blue Tulle flower girl dress used for Bar Mitzvah


Style 921 with gunmetal sequins for the bodice, as some colors are available that are not in our usual stock but ask us for something different and we try to accommodate.

Custom Gunmetal Gray Fluffy Tulle Skirt with Sequined Top Flower Girl Dress

Below Style 934 with deep purple sequins:

Dark Purple Bat Mitzvah or Jr Bridesmaids Dress


Juniors Bridesmaid STYLE 934*

Bat Mitzvah Dress with Raspberry layered tulle



Juniors Bridesmaid STYLE 934*

 Gold Sequinned Bat Mitzvah or Jr Bridesmaids Dress


Below: You can add "sequins" to your skirt tulle to add that extra bling for you!  Shown below, style 934.

Dark Purple Sequin bodice Jr Bridesmaids Tulle Skirt Style 934 | Pegeen



sequins, sequin flower girl dresses We have added a large range of colors of SEQUINS to easily go on your flower girl dresses